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Prof. Young Spearheading Effort to Revise National Educational Leadership, Preparation Standards

The revision effort will help improve education leadership on a national scale, says Curry School professor Michelle Young, who’s been tapped to head the effort.


Curry Professor Invited to Present to UN on Mental Health of Youth

Prof. and Associate Dean Catherine Bradshaw will present a report addressing mental health problems in youth to the United Nations on Aug. 12 as part of the U.N.’s annual International Youth Day observance.

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Former Curry School Dean to Join Four Arts as CEO

After a remarkable tenure at the Curry School of Education and the University of Virginia, former dean David Breneman will leave U.Va to head The Society of the Four Arts.


Two SURP Interns Describe Their Preparation for Graduate School

Two SURP interns share their experiences with preparing for graduate school while working on a project with Joanna Lee Williams and Nancy Deutsch.

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