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Kinesiology Program Expansion

Program to begin direct admissions from high school

The Kinesiology Program will begin admitting students directly from high school beginning with the class of 2016.

This change has been received with warm enthusiasm from students as well as alumni. Students see the benefits of being able to begin Kinesiology course work earlier, as well as having a longer period of time to explore the field. They’ll begin with the new Introduction to Kinesiology class, which will give them exposure to the various disciplines. They’ll hear about the research interests of current faculty, and the prerequisites for various graduate programs. They also have the chance to get firsthand knowledge of what different clinicians in the field do each day.

In line with the American Kinesiology Association’s mission to “promote and enhance kinesiology as a unified field of study,” our students will have a common core of courses, such as anatomy, exercise physiology, nutrition, and motor development. Expanding the program from two years
to four will provide students with ample time to explore different areas of interest. The additional time spent in the major will give students a better opportunity to get to know their professors, as well as make contacts in the field. They may also have more opportunities to help with research,
do additional practicum experiences, or take electives in their area of interest.

There is a great need for educated, caring professionals devoted to improving health through research, teaching, and clinical practice. America is facing a major health crisis, with an unprecedented number of people suffering from chronic diseases related to lifestyle. Accordingly, a major focus of the American College of Sports Medicine’s “Exercise is Medicine” campaign is to advance health through science, education, and medicine. A major emphasis of our expanded undergraduate program is to teach our students about the powerful impact of exercise and physical activity
throughout the lifespan. We know our students will have an important impact on the health of our nation, whether they go on to work with children, athletes, healthy adults, or patients.

We’re excited about these new changes and anticipate lots of student interest in the program. Alumni response has also been encouraging, with most folks wishing they had had the opportunity to be admitted directly into Kinesiology, and spend more time taking classes in the major.

Thanks for the support!

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