Letter from the Dean

Dean PiantaWelcome to the Curry School of Education Website!

It is a new time at the Curry School. 

We represent the new kind of education school: It is not about us.  It is about making an impact.  It is about creating effective environments to foster learning and development at every age level, in every subject and in many domains of performance.

In our new building, faculty offices are purposefully intermingled throughout the four floors as a way to encourage interactions among faculty and students across areas of expertise.  This new space also allowed us to bring into the Curry complex many of our research centers and faculty who were spread all over the University grounds.

The innovation that comes as a result of the interactions between Curry’s faculty and students is already making an impact.  The work being done at Curry is currently reaching every state in this country and all over the world.

At Curry, you will often hear us talk about Discover Create Change.  It is our focus on making an impact that drives our discovery and our creativity.  And it is the great work of our faculty and students that is ultimately making the greatest change.

But there is much more work to be done.  I invite you to join us as we continue to engage, innovate, impact and expand our reach.

I invite you to discover your place at the new Curry.




Bob Pianta, Dean