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School Leadership

Associate Deans

Catherine Bradshaw
Associate Dean for Research & Faculty Development

Catherine Brighton
Associate Dean for Academic Programs & Student Affairs

Justin Thompson
Associate Dean for Management & Planning

Faculty Leadership

Peter Youngs
Chair, Faculty Council

Stephanie D. van Hover
Chair, Department of Curriculum, Instruction, & Special Education

Peter L. Sheras
Chair, Department of Human Services

Carol Ann Tomlinson
Chair, Department of Leadership, Foundations, & Policy

Arthur Weltman
Chair, Department of Kinesiology

Administrative Directors

Karen Barnes
Director, Marketing & Communications

Hilary Kerner
Director, Education Career Services

Pritpal Kochar
Chief Technology Officer

Ellen Missana
Director, Human Resources

Chris Peper
Director, Budget and Financial Operations

Katie Walker
Director, Strategic Projects & Enrollment Management


Dean Pianta

We think curiosity is a critical attribute of educators and their students. Curiosity drives students and faculty to seek the right questions; knowing that answers only make sense when the questions are correct.  Curiosity is a significant part of Curry•os•i•ty. But there is more.

Students and faculty driven by Curry•os•i•ty are unique; they look right through the usual disciplinary and professional boundaries, knowing that finding real and useful solutions means engaging theory and practice from every possible angle.  A tremendous benefit of the Curry School and the University of Virginia is that students and faculty have access to the very best in scholarship and in real-world applications in all kinds of areas.  And those with Curry•os•i•ty take advantage of these opportunities to grow and expand their knowledge.

Those of us with Curry•os•i•ty understand the value of taking risks.  We recently spent an entire year discussing the importance of making mistakes.   Students and faculty with Curry•os•i•ty embrace the risk of seeking informed answers to big questions.

A community driven by Curry•os•i•ty values honor and leadership.  The challenging work that happens here--scholarship, teaching, public service—matters for a wide range of stakeholders.  These actions take place in a community cultivated by self-governance, in which members hold one another in respect, foster a climate of acceptance and excellence, and both embrace and leverage the value of our differences.

We believe students and faculty driven by insatiable Curry•os•i•ty will make the biggest impact on the immense challenges facing our society.

Are you Curry•ous?


Bob Pianta, Dean

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