Admissions Information

Curry offers graduate degrees in more than twenty Areas of Study. Check the application deadline for your program of choice, to ensure you submit all required materials by that date.


Create an Application Account  (a unique account is required for each application)

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Once you hit "submit," please wait at least 48 hours before contacting us about missing documents.  Processing may take longer if you wait until the deadline to submit your application.)

Degree Options

  • Master of Teaching (MT)—full-time master’s program approved by the Virginia Department of Education.  Program completers earn a degree and qualify for licensure.  
  • Master of Education (MEd)—full or part-time programs for those interested in alternate routes to teacher licensure or masters programs in Curry's three departments of study.
  • Education Specialist (EdS)—full or part-time programs
  • Doctor of Education (EdD)—full or part-time programs
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)—full-time on-Grounds programs

Everything except test scores must be submitted through the application website. Please have ETS send official test scores by the application deadline. You can monitor our receipt of materials by logging into the application web site. It generally takes at least 3 days for us to update your account, once we receive your data. If you think your account is incorrect, do not hesitate to contact us via email at 

Criteria for Admission to Degree Programs:

Faculty members consider an applicant’s goal statement, recommendations, standardized test scores, prior experiences, and GPA.  Some programs also require a writing sample.  If so, this information will be posted on the program area’s web site under "Prerequisites and Admission Requirements." 

Your goal statement and writing sample (if required) must be uploaded to the online application. Recommendations (two required) must also be solicited through the online application.  Submit official test scores through ETS, allowing time  for delivery to UVA. The institutional code is 5820; there is no school code.  


As noted in the application, you may upload unofficial transcripts to your application. (Official transcripts are required if you accept an offer of admission.)   If you attended more than one institution during your undergraduate studies and coursework taken at the first institution is shown as transfer credit on your second school, just upload the transcript showing cumulative studies counting toward your undergraduate degree. If you have trouble scanning your unofficial transcripts to your application, you can mail them to the address at the bottom of this screen. Please note that transcripts in a language other than English must be translated by an evaluator who is a member of  NACES.

Once admitted, official transcripts may be mailed to:

Office of Admission and Student Services

417 Emmet St. South

Charlottesville, VA  22903

Test scores

Be sure to submit official test scores for the General Graduate Record Exam through ETS.  Scores must be current (taken within the past five years.) Target GRE scores for degree seekers are listed below for the old/new exam. If your scores do not meet criteria, we recommend you retake GREs before submitting your application. We will use your highest scores when making admission decisions.

  • MEd, MT, EdS applicants—at or above 450/150 (verbal), 530/145  (quantitative), 4.0 (analytical writing)
  • EdD/PhD applicants—at or above 500/153 (verbal), 600/148 (quantitative), 4.5 (analytical writing)

All applicants to the MT (licensure) program must also submit qualifying test scores on ONE of the exams below. In addition to having the testing agency forward official scores, scan and email a copy of your scores to, using "TED Scores" as the subject of  your message. This will allow us to find your official scores more quickly.:

  • PRAXIS I: 178 math, 178 reading, 176 writing or 532 composite score; OR
  • Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators Test: Reading (5712)--raw score 31, scaled score156, Writing (5722)--raw score 44, scaled score 162, Mathematics (5732)--raw score 29, scaled score 150;  OR
  • SATs taken prior to 4/1/95—score of 1000, with at least 450 verbal and 510 math; if taken after 4/1/95—score of 1100, with at least 530 verbal, 530 math ); OR
  • ACTs: taken prior to 4/1/95—composite score of 21, with at least 21 in math and an ACT English Plus Reading Score no less than  37; if taken after 4/1/95—composite score of 24, with at least 22 math, 46 English Plus Reading score;  OR
  • VCLA: Reading and Writing as an optional assessment for the PRAXIS I reading and writing tests (writing subtest of 235, reading subtest of 235, composite score of 470) in combination with qualifying math scores from SATs, ACTs, PRAXIS I or the Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators.

Language Requirement for International Students

A TOEFL or IELTS score must be current--no more than two years old. Official scores should be sent to the University of Virginia; the institutional code is 5820. (Applicants who earned their undergraduate degrees in the U.S. are exempt from this requirement.)

Expected scores:
Paper-based TOEFL:  600
Computer-Based TOEFL: 250
IELTS: 7.0
IBT TOEFL: at least 22 in writing, 22 in speaking, 23 in reading, and 23 in listening for a total score of 90.

All incoming (new) graduate students whose first language is one other than English are required to take the University of Virginia English Language Proficiency Exam unless they have been exempted from TOEFL or IELTS.

All prospective graduate teaching assistants whose first language is one other than English are required to take the SPEAK Test. A score of at least 55 is required for permission to begin teaching without completion of oral language training. The SPEAK Test is administered in August, December, and May. Candidates for the test are identified by their department. Information about the SPEAK Test is available at

Application Deadlines:

  1. EdD and PhD on-Grounds programs--December 15.
  2. MEd and EdS on-Grounds programs--February 1 for all programs except School Counseling (January 3).
  3. Applicants to off-Grounds certificate, M.Ed. and Ed.S. programs must submit all materials (application, recommendations, transcripts, official test scores) by October 15 (spring entry), February 1 (summer entry) or June 1 (fall entry). All materials, including official scores, must be received by the application deadline.


Office of Admission and Student Services
417 Emmet St. South
Charlottesville, VA 22903