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General Information about Study Options in the Curry School of Education

If you are a high school student who has not yet applied for admission and you want general information about degree options in the Curry School, we will soon have some special sessions just for you.

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High school students seeking a bachelor's degree in Kinesiology apply to the Curry School of Education at the University of Virginia through the Office of Undergraduate Admission

Interested in learning more about the Kinesiology program?  Attend one of our information sessions led by David Edwards, faculty member in Kinesiology.  EMAIL Dr. Edwards (dae7c@virginia.edu) if you are interested in attending one of the following sessions:
July 8    3:00-4:00 p.m.
July 11  3:00-4:00 p.m.
July 17  3:00-4:00 p.m.
July 24  3:00-4:00 p.m.
August  by appointment

Throughout fall semester, several additional opportunities will be available for high school students and families to visit U.Va., tour the Grounds, and meet with representatives from the Kinesiology program.

The Early Action submission deadline is November 1.  The regular submission deadline is January 1. U.Va. accepts only the Common Application (Common App) for both first year and transfer admission.  The Common App is available on August 1.  Visit the Common App Online to begin your application. 

When applying and prompted to specify an area of interest, applicants must check the SED (School of Education) box and in their essays indicate an interest in Kinesiology.

The Kinesiology program is a pre-professional program for students interested in graduate study in such areas as athletic training, nutrition, physical therapy, medicine, and public health. Kinesiology also provides the training for entry-level jobs in coaching, work with individuals with disabilities, or work in personal fitness/wellness centers.

Internal Transfers (Current U.Va. Students)

The Kinesiology major is now a direct-admit, 4-year program. Current first- or second-year UVA students interested in transferring into the program must apply by February 1. Space in the program is limited.  Applicants should be in excellent academic standing and should be well on their way to completing 12 hours in the Humanities (including ENWR 1505 or equivalent), 12 hours in the Social Sciences, including SOC (any number) and PSYC (any number) and 12 hours in the Natural Sciences (BIOL 2010/2020 with 2030/2040 and one course in a natural science other than Biology). A second-writing requirement should be completed by the end of the second year.


External Transfer Students

Students interested in transferring to kinesiology from other institutions must apply for admission through the University's Office of Undergraduate Admission. Generally, transfer applications are reviewed each spring.  If you are interested in attending information sessions, see information above about days/times of Curry's open houses for prospective students.


Speech Pathology & Audiology

Current U.Va. Students (Internal Transfers)

The bachelor's degree in Speech Pathology & Audiology (SPA) is open to undergraduate students enrolled at the University of Virginia.  Students apply to the Curry School of Education by February 1 of their second year at U.Va.  Admitted students complete their third and fourth years in the Curry School, earning a B.S.Ed. in SPA.  Because this is a pre-professional program, students typically go on to earn a master’s degree, so they can become licensed speech pathologists.

External Transfer Students

Transfer students interested in the third-and fourth-year option of SPA, must  apply for admission to the University of Virginia through the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.  When doing so, students need to check the SED (School of Education) box and in their essays indicate an interest in SPA.

More details: B.S.Ed.

Application due date:  February 1 of your second year at UVA

Apply to the B.S.Ed. program using this form: B.S.Ed. Application


Teacher Education

The five-year Bachelor / Master of Teaching program is open to undergraduate U.Va. students and rising third-year transfer students. (External transfer students apply for admission through the Office of Undergraduate Admission, using the Common Application.)

Admitted students meet Virginia licensure requirements while earning their bachelors and masters degrees. Areas of study include Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, Special Education, and Secondary Education (English, foreign language, math, science, social studies).  In addition to an application, prospective students must submit qualifying test scores on one of the following:

  • PRAXIS CORE ACADEMIC SKILLS FOR EDUCATORS taken after 1/1/14 – 150 math, 156 reading, 162 writing; if taken prior to 1/1/14, PRAXIS I: 178 math, 178 reading, 175 writing or 532 composite score, OR
  • SATs taken prior to 4/1/95—score of 1000, with at least 450 verbal and 510 math; if taken after 4/1/95—score of 1100, with at least 530 verbal, 530 math )OR
  • ACTs: taken prior to 4/1/95—score of 1100, with at least 450 verbal, 510 math; if taken after 4/1/95—composite score of 24, with at least 22 math, 46 English Plus Reading score, OR
  • VCLA: Reading and Writing as an optional assessment for the PRAXIS I reading and writing tests (writing subtest of 235, reading subtest of 235, composite score of 470) in combination with qualifying math scores from SATs, ACTs or PRAXIS I.

Application due date for UVA students: February 1 of your second year at UVA

Program descriptions (information about general requirements and core courses)

Apply to a Five-year Bachelor/Master of Teaching program


Youth & Social Innovation (YSI)

The Youth and Social Innovation major intends to prepare students to work in a variety of settings.  Some might elect to work with youth directly in established out-of-school programs like the Boys & Girls Club or Big Brothers/Big Sisters.  Graduates from the major may also go on to work on behalf of youth in policy settings such as think tanks or alongside elected officials in Washington, D.C.  Or, a graduate may become an innovator and develop a new program benefiting teens.   Currently, this program is available only to current UVA students.

Application due date for currently enrolled UVA students: February 1

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