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Courses for UVA Undergraduate Students

Curry Courses

Welcome UVA students to the Curry School!

We offer a wide variety of interesting courses open to everyone with topics not only in education but also in psychology, athletics, multiculturalism, contemporary health issues, and much more. Check out all of courses listed below. We look forward to seeing you this fall!


(All courses are listed below featured courses.)

1) EDHS 2250 - Stress and Anxiety Management
This course presents the major models of stress, examines psycho-social, intrapsychic, and environmental causes of stress and provides an overview of stress's physiological and psychological impact. Building upon researched-based practice, students will experience and explore cognitive, behavioral, and physiological techniques and strategies so as to manage life's stressors more effectively.

2) EDHS 2889 - Fostering Leadership in Teenage Boys
This course is designed to teach students to maximize effective mentoring, foster critical thinking, & understand the relationship of theories of masculine identity to the development of middle school age boys. Leadership, respect, authenticity, strength, social systems & their behavioral manifestations will be explored while class members work in a mentoring role with Middle School boys or in another mentoring relationship.

3) EDHS 2890 - Personal Development
This course is designed for first-year students to assist them in identifying, clarifying, developing and critiquing personal needs and values. Emphasis will be placed on ramifications of personal values, especially in the areas of interpersonal relationships, academics, diversity, goal setting, lifestyle choices, career planning, healthy behaviors, responsibility and commitment in the areas of personal actions, community service and leadership.

4) EDHS 4050 - Introduction to Audiology
Introduction to the profession of audiology. Examine common pathologies of the auditory system, the impact of hearing loss, conventional procedures used to assess hearing, and interpretation of audiological test findings.

5) EDIS 2010 - Teaching as a Profession
In this survey of American education, students examine education history, philosophy in action in schools,student diversity, curriculum, effective teaching, school organization & governance, education finance,education law, sociopolitical dimensions of education, & the role of the teacher as a professional. Can also be a pre-requisite course for applying to the Five-Year (BA/MT) Teacher Education Program.

6) EDIS 3020 - The Exceptional Learner
An intensive introduction to the study of exceptional children and adults. Focuses on extending principles of learning and intellectual, socio-cultural, emotional, and physical development to persons with disabilities, as well as the gifted, autism, traumatic brain injury, ADD, and ADHD. Information on medical conditions which influence learning and development is also provided.

7) EDIS 3452 - Designing Games for Learning
What makes games so much fun? How can games be educational? The goal of this course is to understand how games can motivate, engage, and teach. In this course students will survey current approaches by playing a variety of games and develop understanding of game-based learning, motivation, and design thinking perspectives. Students will apply this understanding by designing a new educational game in a collaborative class project.

8) EDIS 5710 - Content Area Reading
This course provides strategies for helping secondary students learn content through reading and writing, not merely through lecture. They include evidence-based approaches to teaching disciplinary vocabulary, building prior knowledge, ensuring comprehension of texts, conducting effective discussions, employing technology, motivating students to read within a content area, and teaching students from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds.

9) EDLF 2050 - What the Innovators Do: Strategies to Transform the Lives of Youth
Inequalities persist at every level of education. Throughout this course we will study innovations designed to address these disparities. We will investigate the process by innovations are designed and will critically assess the efficacy of a wide range of innovations. The course will feature numerous guest speakers involved in innovation design and implementation, including leaders in the private, educational, and government sectors.

10) EDLF 3150 - Introduction to Child Growth and Development
This survey course introduces several prominent theories of child development and explores the related empirical research. Emphasis is placed on applying developmental principles to parenting and professional practice. Major topics include: The historical basis of child study, the life cycle, maturational milestones, cognitive, emotional, and moral development, and biological foundations.

11) EDLF 3240 - Multicultural Education
Through readings, film, music, and guided discussion students seek to answer questions such as: What is multiculturalism and how might education inform our understanding of it? What challenges are we facing regarding multiculturalism and diversity? How can we promote social justice and a greater understanding of others? This course engages the nexus of multiculturalism, multicultural education, and social justice to respond to these questions.

12) EDLF 3470 - Hip-Hop and Global Movements
Examines the history of hip-hop as an educational and social movement in the United States and around the globe. Explores hip-hop as a form of global literacy that transcends race, gender, culture, and ethnicity. Includes lectures, group discussions, poetry readings, emcee and spoken word sessions, and critical reviews of hip-hop music.

13) KINE 1000 - Introduction to Mindfulness
Mindfulness practice is bringing full, non-judgmental attention to what is happening in the present moment. Classes include instruction in four core practices: body scan, mindful yoga, sitting, and walking meditation. The practical application of mindfulness in mind-body awareness, health maintenance, mindful eating, stress reduction, and communication will be explored through exercises & group discussion

14) KINE 1140 - Women's Self-Defense
This course strives to develop the mind and body through martial arts. There will be an introduction to basic moves followed by more challenging techniques over the course of the semester. There is an equal emphasis on striking and grappling. This course is only offered when there is a qualified instructor available.

15) KINE 3615 - Clinical Sports Medicine
For undergraduate students interested in the clinical aspect of sports medicine. Students are scheduled for clinic times each week for the duration of the semester, but also must attend in-services (typically held from 7-8 am on Tuesdays). Students provide first aid & rehabilitation for varsity student athletes and UVa Athletics events. Instructor permission and apply online:



EDHS: Department of Human Services

EDHS 1120 - Foundations of Community Engagement
EDHS 2240 - Substance Abuse
EDHS 2250 - Stress and Anxiety Management
EDHS 2450 - Intro to Communications Disorders
EDHS 2860 - Child Protection Emergencies
EDHS 2889 - Fostering Leadership in Teenage Boys
EDHS 2890 - Personal Development
EDHS 2891 - Issues Facing Adolescent Girls
EDHS 3120 - Abnormal Psychology
EDHS 3850 - Intro to Counseling
EDHS 3895 - Peer Counseling Theory and Skills
EDHS 4050 - Introduction to Audiology
EDHS 4300 - Psycholinguistics & Communication
EDHS 4810 - Personal Adjustment and the Science of Happiness

EDIS: Department of Curriculum, Instruction & Special Education

EDIS 2010 - Teaching as a Profession
EDIS 3020 - The Exceptional Learner
EDIs 3452 - Designing Games for Learning
EDIS 5710 - Content Area Reading

EDLF: Department of Leadership, Foundations & Policy

EDLF 2050 - What the Innovators Do: Strategies to Transform the Lives of Youth
EDLF 3150 - Introduction to Child Growth and Development
EDLF 3160 - Introduction to Educational Psychology
EDLF 3240 - Multicultural Education
EDLF 3470 - Hip-Hop and Global Movements
EDLF 4080 - U.S. Education Policy
EDLF 4606 - Comparative Education
EDLF 5010 - Child Learning & Development
EDLF 5330 - Educational Statistics: Stat I
EDLF 5470 - Motivation in Achievement Contexts

KINE: Department of Kinesiology

KINE 1000 - Introduction to Mindfulness
KINE 1140 - Women's Self-Defense
KINE 1100 - 1700 Level - Physical Activity Courses
KINE 3400 - Nutrition
KINE 3615 - Clinical Sports Medicine



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