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Courses for UVA Undergraduate Students

Curry Courses

Welcome UVA students to the Curry School!

We offer a wide variety of interesting courses open to everyone with topics not only in education but also in psychology, athletics, multiculturalism, contemporary health issues, and much more. Check out all of courses listed below. We look forward to seeing you this spring!

The 8 courses listed below are still open for Spring 2017 registration:

1) EDHS 3895 - Peer Counseling Theory and Skills
This course explores the evolution of counseling theories of helping and considers how these theories can be used to better understand how and when one chooses to use peer helping interventions within a college setting. It is designed for all students interested in a career in helping, with emphasis on those who want to impact the student experience.

2) EDLF 3150 - Introduction to Child Growth and Development
This survey course introduces several prominent theories of child development and explores the related empirical research. Emphasis is placed on applying developmental principles to parenting and professional practice. Major topics include: The historical basis of child study, the life cycle, maturational milestones, cognitive, emotional, and moral development, and biological foundations.

3) EDLF 3180 - Lifespan Development
In this course, we will explore the journey we all share, asking "How do individuals grow and change throughout life?" We will take a topical approach, with particular focus on biological, psychological, and social development from birth through older adulthood. We will seek to understand our own developmental processes, as well as the role of race, class, gender and culture on others,' and question our beliefs about what it means to "grow up."

4) EDLF 5490 - Intervention in Physical Activity
Students will learn psychological skills, methods, and self-regulatory strategies, and how helping professionals (e.g., coaches, therapists, teachers, fitness specialists) can use these skills and methods to positively affect physical activity participation, performance, motivation, and enjoyment. Theories, research, and application will be stressed, with attention to how individual differences (age, gender, race, ethnicity) impact performance.

5) EDIS 2850 - Agents of Change: Civic Engagement through Community Service Learning
Do you feel called to be an agent of change in the UVA community? In this course, students will explore how service learning can foster civic engagement and provide the tools necessary to become an agent of change at UVA and beyond. Together, students will engage in service learning through practical community-based problem solving. Students will have the opportunity to connect to the UVA community and identify their role within it.

6) EDIS 2010 - Teaching as a Profession
In this survey of American education, students examine education history, philosophy in action in schools,student diversity, curriculum, effective teaching, school organization & governance, education finance,education law, sociopolitical dimensions of education, & the role of the teacher as a professional. Can also be a pre-requisite course for applying to the Five-Year (BA/MT) Teacher Education Program.

7) EDIS 3020 - The Exceptional Learner
An intensive introduction to the study of exceptional children and adults. Focuses on extending principles of learning and intellectual, socio-cultural, emotional, and physical development to persons with disabilities, as well as the gifted, autism, traumatic brain injury, ADD, and ADHD. Information on medical conditions which influence learning and development is also provided.

8) EDIS 5710 - Content Area Reading
This course provides strategies for helping secondary students learn content through reading and writing, not merely through lecture. They include evidence-based approaches to teaching disciplinary vocabulary, building prior knowledge, ensuring comprehension of texts, conducting effective discussions, employing technology, motivating students to read within a content area, and teaching students from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds.



EDHS: Department of Human Services

EDHS 1120 - Foundations of Community Engagement
EDHS 2240 - Substance Abuse
EDHS 2950 - Advocating for Youth
EDHS 3055 - Prevention of Youth Violence
EDHS 3100 - Stereotypes and Black Adolescent Identity
EDHS 3200 - Intro Counseling Student Athletes
EDHS 3250 - Professional Development and Team Dynamics
EDHS 3895 - Peer Counseling Theory and Skills
EDHS 4030 - Speech and Hearing Science
EDHS 4040 - Anatomy & Physiology of Speech & Hearing Mechanisms 
EDHS 4050 - Introduction to Audiology
EDHS 4810 - Personal Adjustment and the Science of Happiness
EDHS 5241 - Peer Support Programs: Research, Design & Evaluation

EDIS: Department of Curriculum, Instruction & Special Education

EDIS 2010 - Teaching as a Profession
EDIS 2850 - Agents of Change: Civic Engagement through Community Service Learning
EDIS 2920 - Debunking Classroom Myths
EDIS 3020 - The Exceptional Learner
EDIS 5435 - Writing Across the Curriculum
EDIS 5710 - Content Area Reading

EDLF: Department of Leadership, Foundations & Policy

EDLF 3150 - Introduction to Child Growth and Development
EDLF 3160 - Introduction to Educational Psychology
EDLF 3170 - Introduction to Adolescence
EDLF 3180 - Lifespan Development
EDLF 3240 - Multicultural Education
EDLF 3440 - Psychology of Sport & Physical Activity
EDLF 3470 - Hip-Hop and Global Movements
EDLF 3610 - Immigrant Youth & Families
EDLF 4610 - Civil Rights Movement & Education
EDLF 4620 - Human Rights Activism & Education
EDLF 5330 - Educational Statistics: Stat I
EDLF 5490 - Intervention in Physical Activity
EDLF 5500 - Cognitive Psychology of Education (Selected Topics)
EDLF 5700 - Race, Ethnicity & Diversity

KINE: Department of Kinesiology

KINE 1000 Level - Lifetime Physical Activity Courses
KINE 2420 - Intro to Personal Training
KINE 2850 - Medical Terminology
KINE 3400 - Nutrition
KINE 3420 - Contemporary Health Issues
KINE 3450 - Exercise & Nutrition Medicine
KINE 3615 - Clinical Sports Medicine
KINE 3620 - Biomechanics / Motor Control
KINE 3660 - Neuroscience of Exercise
KINE 4600 - Athletic Injuries


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