Bachelor/Master of Teaching (B/MT)


Teacher Education Student Handbook

TA Handbook

Coursework in Curry is blended with clinical and school-based experiences in Charlottesville and surrounding counties. Program completers are eligible for licensure and endorsement within the state of Virginia which offers reciprocity with almost all other states.

Once enrolled, it may be possible for students in areas other than special education to add at least one additional area of endorsement (e.g., gifted education, ESOL, Algebra I) to a two-year program of study.

If focusing on only one area of study, it is possible to accelerate the program, completing requirements in 1.5 years. To exercise either option, students must work closely with their Curry advisors to plan their curriculum.

Curry partners with the College of Arts & Sciences to offer B/MT degrees. Undergraduates enrolled in Teacher Education earn two degrees: a Bachelor’s from the College of Arts and Sciences and a Master of Teaching degree from the Curry School of Education. Both degrees are awarded simultaneously after all program requirements have been met.

Students in the B/MT programs are advanced to graduate status at the end of the 4th year prior to student teaching in the 5th year. Those who plan carefully can complete their combined program of studies in 4 1/2 years. To accelerate the program, students must enroll in a three-week summer session prior to student teaching.

Application requirements:

  • Students must have completed or be enrolled in EDIS 2010 (Teaching as a Profession) and EDIS 2880 (Field Experience).
  • Be ready to enter their third year of coursework at the University - Be in good standing (GPA of 2.7 or higher) in the College of Arts and Sciences
  • Secondary areas must show upper-level college courses in the content area with grades of ‘B’ or better. 
  • Submit qualifying test scores on ONE of the following:
    • PRAXIS CORE ACADEMIC SKILLS FOR EDUCATORS TESTS (effective 1/1/14): 150 math, 156 reading, 162 writing; if Praxis I Pre-Professional Skills Test was taken prior to 12/31/13  178 math, 178 reading, 175 writing or 532 composite score, OR
    • SATs taken prior to 4/1/95--score of 1000, with at least 450 verbal, 510 math; if taken after 4/1/95--score of 1100, with at least 530 verbal, 530 math OR
    • ACTs taken prior to 4/1/95 – composite score of 21, with at least 21 in math and an ACT English Plus Reading score no less than 37; if taken after 4/1/95 – composite score of 24, with at least 22 in math, and an English Plus Reading score of 46, OR
    • VCLA: Reading and Writing as an optional assessment for the PRAXIS CORE reading and writing tests (VCLA cut scores: writing subtest of 235, reading subtest of 235, composite score of 470) in combination with qualifying math scores from SATs, ACTs, or PRAXIS CORE. 

Areas of Concentration

Applicants apply for and focus on one of the following areas:

  • Early Childhood Special Education: birth through age 5
  • Elementary Education: preK-6
  • Kinesiology (Health and Physical Education)—BSEd/MT
  • One area of Secondary Education (grades 6-12 in English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science)
  • Foreign Language
  • Special Education and one of the following areas in general education: Elementary, ESOL, Science, Social Studies, Foreign Language, Mathematics, or English education.

Upon enrollment, all students must:

  • complete each semester’s courses satisfactorily
  • declare a major in the College (or in Health/Physical Education, if focusing on Health and P.E.)
  • ameliorate skill deficiencies
  • exhibit a strong academic record (3.0 in major, 2.7 overall)
  • meet all deadlines for licensure and graduation (including mandated licensure exams, and follow guidelines in the Teacher Education Student Handbook )

Advancement to Graduate Study:

During fall semester of the fourth year, students apply for advancement to graduate status. Prior to seeking advancement, students must take the GRE General Test, available through ETS. Criteria for advancement to graduate study include:

  • competence in basic verbal, quantitative, and computer skills
  • an outstanding GPA (2.7 overall/3.0 in College major)
  • satisfactory performance in all field experiences
  • satisfactory performance—at or above 150 verbal (450 if taken before 2011), 145 quantitative (530 if taken before 2011), 4.0 analytical writing—on the GRE exam

Academic Performance Requirements

Students who fail to meet the expected GPA must work with their advisor to develop a remediation plan. Courses in the major should reflect a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or better. Courses taken at the 500 level or above in the major and in professional studies require a minimum grade of B- or better.

Substandard performance may result in suspension from the program. Any changes in program requirements (e.g., course substitutions) must be approved by a student’s Curry advisor and the Office of Teacher Education. If grade point averages in selected academic areas fall below the 3.0 standard (major) and 2.7 (overall), students must apply for a policy exception. Policy exception forms may be obtained in Bavaro 326 or downloaded and completed.

Financial Aid

Students are considered undergraduates (BA or BS/Ed) during their first four years and graduate (MT) students during their fifth year of study. During the fifth year of study, students are eligible for graduate loans only. Several Curry awards and scholarships are available to outstanding Teacher Education students currently enrolled in the program.


Licensure/endorsement programs meet the requirements established by the Virginia Department of Education. As a state approved program, the Curry School facilitates licensure applications for all degree graduates. Application for teacher licensure must be made by October 1 (December graduates) or February 1 (May graduates).

Teacher Education students may earn endorsement in one or more of the following areas: 

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Earth Science
  • Elementary Education (preK-6)
  • English
  • Foreign Language
  • Latin
  • Mathematics
  • Health/Physical Education
  • Physics
  • Social Studies
  • Special Education (MR, LD, ED)
  • Add-on Endorsements in ESOL, gifted ed., Algebra I

Academic Tracks offered: