Ph.D. in Kinesiology - Sports Medicine

  • Guskiewicz is recognized internationally for his laboratory and field-based research on sport-related concussions. Findings from his research have led to changes in the clinical practice of sports medicine, including the use of balance testing in concussion diagnosis, increases in sit-out time for athletes after concussions, and computerized neurocognitive testing for concussion now regularly used in intercollegiate and professional sports settings.

    Kevin Guskiewicz Named U.Va. Curry School’s 2013 Distinguished Alumnus >>

The PhD program in sports medicine is typically completed in 4 years and is designed to prepare graduates for academic careers in athletic training, physical therapy, or other disciplines related to the study of musculoskeletal injuries. The program is research-intensive and includes 2 years of formal course work and 2 years to complete the dissertation. The program has three primary faculty: Jay Hertel Sue Saliba, and Joe Hart. Additionally, there are several other faculty in kinesiology, orthopedics, physical medicine and rehabilitation, and other units across the University that contribute to the program.

Prerequisites and Admission Requirements

Admission to the PhD program is highly competitive and requires: 1) target GRE scores greater than or equal to 600 quantitative, 500 verbal, and 4.5 writing, and 2) undergraduate and masters GPA >3.0.
Preference is given to applicants who are certified athletic trainers (ATC) or licensed physical therapists.

Application Due Date

The deadline for applications is December 15. An on-site interview is also required before any offer of admission.

Degree Requirements

36 didactic credits including:
EDHS 5500 Evidence-Based Sports Medicine
EDHS 8500 Clinical Biomechanics (with lab)
12 credits of statistics/research design courses
11 credits of electives

12 credits of EDHS 9998 (Doctoral Research Internship)

24 credits of EDHS 9999 (Doctoral Dissertation)

Funding Opportunities

All PhD students receive an assistantship that provides a full tuition waiver, an annual stipend, and health insurance. Assistantships are renewable for up to 4 years pending successful progress through the program.

Assistantships require either clinical, teaching, and/or research responsibilities. Students typically perform clinical assistantships for their first two years and then teaching/research assistantships for their last two years. The specific assistantship I am searching to fill will be a clinical graduate assistantship with UVA intercollegiate athletics for the first two years of the program and a teaching/research assistant for the last two years of the program.

Typical Length of Study

4 years

Full or Part Time:

Full time students only.

Course Overview

• Fall I:
EDHS 5500 Evidence-Based Sports Medicine
EDHS 8500 Clinical Biomechanics
Statistics Course
EDHS 9995 Doctoral Research Internship
• Spring I:
Statistics Course
EDHS 9995 Doctoral Research Internship
• Fall II:
Statistics Course
EDHS 9995 Doctoral Research Internship
• Spring II:
Statistics Course
EDHS 9995 Doctoral Research Internship
• Fall/Spring III and IV:
EDHS 9999 Doctoral Dissertation
Elective courses are available in a variety of disciplines including kinesiology, public health sciences, nursing, biomedical engineering, neuroscience, and education, among others.

Sample Jobs After Graduation

Faculty positions in accredited athletic training or physical therapy programs.

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