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MBA/MEd in Curriculum & Instruction: Innovation in Education Reform

The Curry School of Education and the Darden School of Business are partnering to provide studies designed for the next generation of leaders – those who will transform education in the United States and around the world.

Program Life

Few roles in society provide the reach that educators have into, quite literally, millions of lives. But as the problems in the U.S. and other global education systems mount, they know that more needs to be done to make their reach effective. The Curry School of Education and the Darden School of Business are partnering to develop studies designed for the next generation of leaders–those who will innovate and transform education  around the world in a variety of ways, through a variety of means.

Schools--public, charter, private, non-traditional learning spaces—are all struggling to fulfill their most important responsibility: educating our children.  They need leaders.  We shape leaders.

This area of concentration is a new venture between two leading schools at the University of Virginia- The Darden School of Business and the Curry School of Education.

Prerequisites and Admission Requirements

Students will apply and be admitted to the Darden School before applying to the Curry School of Education. There is no specific application deadline for admission into the Curry M.Ed. dual program. Once accepted into Darden’s MBA program, applications to Curry are reviewed on a rolling basis.

Darden MBA application process.

The M.Ed. at the Curry School is offered through the Department of Curriculum, Instruction and Special Education and frames the student’s selected area of specialization in the context of the four pillars of the program: Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment, and the Diverse Landscape of Contemporary Education -Diversity.  The M.Ed in Innovation and Education Reform:

  1. Is flexible in terms of specialization areas and affords opportunities for addressing choices for satisfying degree requirements;
  2. Is designed to match students with Curry advisors to help forge meaningful connections between the content of the two degree programs; 
  3. Does NOT require prior teaching experience, although preference will be given to those with education-related professional experience;
  4. Will accept the GMAT in lieu of the GRE exam requirement, making the application process more efficient.

Application Due Date

Fall entry: February 1 for the first review of applications. Applications will be accepted until June 1 on a space-available basis.

Degree Requirements

Students will complete 24 credits of graduate coursework in the Curry School of Education. Students will petition to transfer 6 credits from approved graduate work at Darden or other related graduate coursework, for a total of 30 credits.

Funding Opportunities

Students may apply for federal financial aid, including work-study. Information about federal aid programs, including applying using the FAFSA, can be found through Student Financial Services. Additional financial aid information can be found on Curry's Financial Aid webpage.

Typical Length of Study

Students typically complete the program in two years.

Semester of Entry:


Curry courses will begin the summer prior to staring the Darden MBA Program. Students will take 3 classes on-grounds during the summer and register for the proseminar, which will last through the fall and spring semesters. We anticipate that Darden students will remain connected to Curry faculty and special events during their MBA program.

Full or Part Time:

Full time, concurrent with Darden MBA program

Course Overview

Program Requirements:

Curriculum (3 credits)
Instruction (3 credits)
Assessment (3 credits)
Diversity (3 credits)
Area of Specialization + Internship (12 credits)

Possible Specialization Areas & Electives:

The schedule allows for 12-15 elective credits in areas of specialization based upon your interests. Your Curry advisor will work with you to craft these choices. We hope that you will take the opportunity to pursue your educational interests, such as: Higher Education, Human Development, Education Policy, Educational Assessment and Evaluation, School Climate and Culture, Social and Global Foundations of Education, or any number of education-related courses.

Internship Opportunities:

The expected course sequence includes a 3-6 credit internship to apply the ideas from both programs into education-related settings. This internship may be in conjunction with or separate from the Darden internship experience.

We anticipate that most internships will occur during the summer.

We have begun to talk to many people who are interested in an MBA/MEd intern. Some of the possibilities include NYC Dept. of Education, Teach For America, YES Prep, Wireless Generation, Center for Better Schools, Partnership for Leaders in Education, Gates Foundation, Baltimore City Schools, and KIPP. We anticipate many opportunities to extend students’ learning experiences into practical education-related settings.

Sample Schedule:

Summer 1

  • Full-time Curry Student
  • 3 courses (on grounds)
  • Register for Proseminar

Year 1

  • Full-time Darden Student
  • 13 courses
  • Curry Proseminar (Fall & Spring)

Summer 2

  • Full-time Curry Student
  • 2 courses (1 on grounds, 1 online, or 1 internship/independent study)
  • Darden Internship

Year 2

  • Full-time Darden Student + Curry Courses
  • 13 Darden courses & 2 Curry courses

Total: 30 credits earned for Curry
(Students will petition to transfer 6 credits from approved graduate work at Darden or other related graduate coursework.)

Sample Jobs After Graduation

We anticipate that—among many other possibilities—our graduates will go on to work in large, urban school districts, charter schools, education non-profits and for-profits, in education policy, as educational consultants, educational technology specialists, or as education-focused entrepreneurs.

The information contained on this website is for informational purposes only. The Undergraduate Record and Graduate Record represent the official repository for academic program requirements. These publications may be found at

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