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Gifted Education Online Course Series

The online Gifted Education course series that can lead to endorsement focuses on preparing teachers and administrators to address the characteristics and needs of gifted children. The topics include an overview of issues in the definition of giftedness, identification, curriculum, instructional strategies, program options, special populations, and evaluation.

The key objectives for the Online Gifted Education course series at Curry are to:

  • Develop educators’ understanding of the field of gifted education;
  • Prepare teachers and administrators to make research-based decisions in developing programs and curriculum for gifted students;
  • Prepare teachers and administrators to teach gifted students;
  • Increase educator appreciation of the wide range of giftedness and the issues in identifying and serving gifted students from diverse populations; and
  • Strengthen and enhance leadership capacity in the field of gifted education.


The Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) sets the requirements for licensure in Gifted Education.  These consist of 12 required course credits plus either of the two options below. VDOE policy regarding the Gifted & Talented endorsement requirements. Please note that a mentor holding a valid license with an endorsement in Gifted Education must be assigned to the student.

Send your documentation, as a package, to:

Virginia Department of Education
Division of Teacher Education and Licensure
PO Box 2120
Richmond, VA


Requirements for endorsement candidates

Option One

Option Two

12 required course credits

Cover letter to VDOE requesting endorsement

Fee to VDOE (details)

Official U.Va. transcripts (directions)

3-6 credits of internship supervised by a U.Va. faculty member


College Verification Form (CVF) requested from U.Va. by student (via e-mail to; request must include student’s first/middle/last name, birthdate, and home address


45 instructional hour teaching practicum with gifted learners + letter on division or school letterhead from a supervisor or administrator who is endorsed in gifted education, documenting  this practicum


~ or ~

One year of successful full-time teaching +  letter from the principal or gifted education supervisor on division or school letterhead, noting successful completion

Prerequisites and Admission Requirements

Students interested in taking courses in this series must fill out a Permission to Enroll form; no application is needed.

Application Due Date

Students should fill out the Permission to Enroll form at least a week before the start of the desired term. Early submission is recommended to secure spots in desired classes.

Degree Requirements

Students may take courses at their leisure. Once they have completed the requirements set forth by the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE), they may apply to the VDOE for the add-on endorsement. 

Funding Opportunities

Discounted tuition is available for K-12 educators.

Tuition and Fees information.

Typical Length of Study

Semester of Entry:

Fall, Spring, Summer

Full or Part Time:


Course Overview

Please note that we have transitioned to 7000-level course numbers as of summer 2014. The new course numbers and corresponding 5000-level course numbers are shown below.

Course 1 - EDIS 7220: Intro to the Gifted (formerly EDIS 5045: Introductory Strategies for Gifted Education)
Course 2 - EDIS 7250: Models and Strategies for Teaching the Gifted (formerly EDIS 5047: Introduction to Models and Strategies for Teaching the Gifted)
Course 3 - EDIS 7230: Curriculum for the Gifted and Talented (formerly EDIS 5046: Developing and Implementing Curriculum for the Gifted)
Course 4 - EDIS 7270: Differentiation of Instruction for Gifted Learners (formerly EDIS 5048: Differentiation of Curriculum and Instruction: Emphasis on Gifted)

Practicum: 45 instructional hours

See  the "Degree Requirements" link above to find out how you add the endorsement in gifted education to your license.

Our current course offerings can be found in the Student Information System (SIS) or the Curry course database.

Sample Jobs After Graduation

Teacher of gifted students, coordinator of gifted education programs

The information contained on this website is for informational purposes only. The Undergraduate Record and Graduate Record represent the official repository for academic program requirements. These publications may be found at

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