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Professor Catherine Brighton serves as the Associate Dean for Academic Programs and Student Affairs

Other Degree and Non-Degree Options

Education Specialist (Ed.S.)

The Education Specialist degree is a planned 30-credit (minimum) post-master’s program in which candidates are expected to attain a broad and systematic understanding of professional education, a definitive knowledge of a particular field of specialization, and an ability to integrate and apply theoretical concepts of education in an actual educational context. This program is designed for the accomplished, experienced practitioner with specific professional aspirations. It is not designed for those who wish to pursue a research emphasis as a prelude to doctoral study.

General Professional Development

General Professional Development status allows individuals who have not been admitted to a degree or state-approved licensure/endorsement program to enroll in classes taught in the Curry School. Up to 6 credits of non-degree studies may be counted toward a Curry degree.

Preparation for Licensure

Curry offers opportunities for prospective students seeking approved graduate licensure preparation/certification only, non-degree programs and for those who have completed their studies.

Off-Site (Off-Grounds) Programs

Several degree and non-degree programs are available at locations throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. 

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