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Featured Courses - Online

The following fully online courses are offered this summer term. All are 3 credits unless otherwise noted.

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(All online courses offered this summer are listed below featured courses.)

EDIS 5012 - Mindfulness for Teachers
Mindfulness for Teachers is designed to integrate cutting edge science with practical classroom applications. By focusing on the social, emotional, and cognitive demands of teaching, this course will help you develop the competencies you need to orchestrate healthy and supportive classroom dynamics, boost your enjoyment of teaching, and cultivate your students’ love of learning. As a student in Mindfulness for Teachers, you will gain a solid foundation in the interdisciplinary field of interpersonal neurobiology and the scientific study of mindful awareness practices. You will become familiar with a variety of mindfulness practices and will be asked to integrate several of these practices into your own life for the duration of the course. You will then apply this theoretical and practical knowledge to a series of case studies highlighting common classroom occurrences. In this way, Mindfulness for Teachers will prepare you to use the skills learned in this course in both your personal and professional life.

EDIS 5025 - Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment
Learning science and educational research informs us about what should be happening in classrooms for both students and teachers.   In this class, we will focus on professional knowledge—curriculum content, instructional design, instructional planning and delivery, and assessment for and of student learning so that a positive classroom learning environment can be established.

EDLF 5010 - Child Learning & Development
This course examines children's learning and development in the elementary school grades. The course, designed for students who plan to become teachers, focuses on cognitive development (e.g., the role of the brain in learning, misconceptions, transfer) and social development (e.g., relationships, moral development). Three themes emerge: individual variability and diversity, development, and translation from research to practice.

EDIS 5422 - Education Across Cultures
This course lays the foundation of multicultural education and multiculturalism in order to make teachers aware of who they are, who their students are, and how contexts, personal histories, and other external factors affect students, their families, and teaching and learning, particularly in relation to English language learners in U.S. schools.

EDIS 7220 - Introduction to the Gifted
Overview of the field of gifted education including conceptions of giftedness, identification tools and processes, characteristics of gifted learners, programming options, curriculum and instruction, and evaluation for gifted learners- including historically under-represented students. Students will gain a foundation in the field of gifted education and appropriate educational responses to gifted learners to be built upon in subsequent courses.

EDIS 7010 - Computer Courseware Tools
This course provides an introduction to technologies commonly employed for instructional development. Courseware Tools is the first half of a two-course sequence. Topics in the first semester include digital media, print and web design / development, web scripting, and related instructional issues such as usability principles and interface design. In the second semester, use of these tools to develop projects is addressed in Courseware Design.

EDIS 7700 - Foundations of Reading Instruction
The theoretical foundations of reading development are the focus of this survey course. Topics covered include: children's basic language development as a precursor to reading and as a medium for instruction, and how stage theories of reading development can inform instruction across a spectrum of readers from emergent to advanced.

EDLF 3240 - Multicultural Education
Through readings, film, music, and guided discussion students seek to answer questions such as: What is multiculturalism and how might education inform our understanding of it? What challenges are we facing regarding multiculturalism and diversity? How can we promote social justice and a greater understanding of others? This course engages the nexus of multiculturalism, multicultural education, and social justice to respond to these questions.

EDLF 7601 - Social Foundations of Education
What is "social" about education? How are schools connected to larger issues in society? Using the lenses of history, philosophy, anthropology, and sociology we explore education as a social institution. Our goal is to develop a deeper insight into the processes, practices and values that shape education as we explore themes such as social inequality, social justice, and cultural diversity, and the changing nature of schooling in a global world.

EDIS 3020 or 5000 - The Exceptional Learner
An intensive introduction to the study of exceptional children and adults. Focuses on extending principles of learning and intellectual, socio-cultural, emotional, and physical development to persons with disabilities, as well as the gifted, autism, traumatic brain injury, ADD, and ADHD. Information on medical conditions which influence learning and development is also provided. Credit is not given for both EDIS 3020 and 5000.



Career Development
EDHS 5220 - Career Development Theory, Practice and Trends
EDHS 5230 - Women, Work and Wellness

Curriculum & Instruction
EDIS 5025 - Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment

Educational Psychology: Applied Developmental Science
EDLF 5010 - Child Learning & Development
EDLF 5011 - Adolescent Learning & Develop

English Language Learning PreK-12
EDIS 5270 - Teaching Reading & Writing to ELLs
EDIS 5422 - Education Across Cultures
EDIS 5423 - English Linguistics
EDIS 5424 - Second Language Acquisition and ESL Methods
EDIS 5470 - ESL Assess & Curriculum Design

Gifted Education
EDIS 7220 - Introduction to the Gifted
EDIS 7230 - Curriculum for the Gifted & Talented
EDIS 7250 - Models & Strategies for Teaching the Gifted
EDIS 7270 - Differentiation of Instruction for Gifted Learners

Instructional Technology
EDIS 7010 - Computer Courseware Tools
EDIS 7070 - Instructional Materials Production

Library Media Studies
EDIS 5409 - Children's Lit - LBS
EDIS 5410 - Young Adult Literature
EDIS 7010 - Computer Courseware Tools

EDIS 5012 - Mindfulness for Teachers

Professional Studies
EDLF 5160 - Life Span Development
EDIS 5650 - Cultural Geography
EDIS 7010 - Computer Courseware Tools

Reading Education
EDIS 5410 - Young Adult Literature
EDIS 5435 - Writing Across the Curriculum
EDIS 5270 - Teaching Reading & Writing to ELL Students
EDIS 7310 - Children's Literature
EDIS 7700 - Foundations of Reading Instruction
EDIS 7710 - Reading in the Content Areas
EDIS 7720 - Word Study: Language Structures & Phonics

Social Foundations of Education
EDLF 3240 - Multicultural Education
EDLF 7601 - Social Foundations of Education

Special Education
EDIS 3020 or 5000 - The Exceptional Learner - 3 credits
EDIS 5141 - IED & Transition - 1 credit
EDIS 5100 - Characteristics of Emotional & Behavioral Disorders - 1 credit
EDIS 5110 - Characteristics of Learning Disabilities - 1 credit
EDIS 5120 - Characteristics of Intellectual Disabilities - 1 credit

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