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Administration & Supervision

Are you ready to advance into a leadership position in your school or school division? Do you want to have a broader impact on education in your community, and are passionate about equity and educational opportunities for all children?

If you are, we’re looking for applicants who are:

  • Committed to serving students
  • High energy and enthusiastic
  • Instructionally grounded

AND ready to be change agents.

At Curry, we understand that it takes extraordinary commitment to become effective leaders in education. Partnering together, our students and faculty work diligently to seek solutions to the current challenges facing educational leaders at the elementary and secondary levels.

Our classes are places where educators can reflect on educational institutions as they are, and envision what they could become. American schools serve diverse populations, and we believe it is necessary to weave issues of diversity and equity throughout out coursework so that leaders can create optimal learning environments for all children.

Our A&S program is ranked #1 in the state of Virginia and #9 in the country.  

We have a proven track record in developing top-tier education leaders.





Students in the Administration and Supervision program are invited to be part of shaping the future of educational institutions in the U.S through joining Curry’s dynamic community of learning. It is our goal to pursue creative solutions to educational challenges through our research, teaching, and service to the field of education.

Join the group of leaders who are bringing fresh perspectives and real improvements to education.

Meet Our Instructors

A&S Course Schedule - M.Ed., Certificate, Electives

Administration and Supervision Handbook

Proud Host of the University Council for Educational Administration

Admin & Supervision Ranked #9

Elizabeth's Story

I entered Curry with one goal: to become a school administrator that excelled in instructional leadership in order to better serve our schools’ English language learner population. At Curry, I was continually pushed and supported to align research, projects, and my dissertation towards my knowledge and understanding of English language learners. Today, as an assistant principal of an elementary school with a high ELL population, I know I am well prepared. Moreover, the strong relationships I developed with the faculty will allow me to develop a strong connection between research and the field.

-- Elizabeth Korab, Ed.D. 2010, Assistant Principal

More Information

Program Overview

In the 2016 U.S. News and World Report rankings, Curry's Administration and Supervision program was ranked #9 in the nation. Read about recent news in the program area in the Alumni Newsletter.

The Administration and Supervision program is an integral part of the Curry School’s mission to prepare a wide array of professionals for America’s schools. U.S. News & World Report recently ranked Curry’s program as the 9th best Administration and Supervision program in the nation. Established in 1932, it is an instructional, research, and service unit of the Curry School of Education. The major purpose of the program is to prepare educational leaders for public schools in the Commonwealth of Virginia and across the nation, but graduates of the program provide leadership in a variety of settings like private and public schools, school divisions, state departments of education, and professional organizations.  Additionally, the program explores the nature of educational leadership and seeks to maximize leader effectiveness at all levels.

We encourage students enrolled in School and Community Relations to seek ways to engage all students and families in a school. Leadership preparation students attend a workshop on multiculturalism which fosters understanding and sensitivity to issues of diversity and the ethical responsibility to ensure equity for all.

Many alumni now serve in the roles of assistant principals, principals, curriculum specialists, assistant superintendents, and superintendents. Their success is reflected by the number of Curry-trained educators who lead Virginia’s public schools: 56 of the Commonwealth’s 134 school superintendents are Curry graduates.

Through the Administration & Supervision program, Curry continues to pioneer in leadership research and produce accomplished educational leaders who create positive change in school districts and educational organizations around the country. 

University Council for Educational Administration
The University Council for Educational Administration (UCEA) is a consortium of higher education institutions committed to advancing the preparation and practice of educational leaders for the benefit of schools and children. In 2010, the Curry School of Education was selected to serve as headquarters to UCEA.


Student Performance Snapshot

The Administration and Supervision program at the Curry School of Education currently enrolls approximately 200 students in its various certificate and degree programs. The academic profile for students admitted in Fall 2013, is the following:

Undergraduate GPA: 3.40

GRE scores:

               Quantitative – 151
                Verbal  - 160
                Analytical Writing -  4.67

For students who graduated between Fall 2012 and Summer 2013, the average score on the licensure exam, the School Leaders Licensure Assessment, was 182.

In Virginia, a passing score is defined by regulation as 165 and 100% of our graduates passed the licensure exam.



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