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Gifted Education

Gifted Education

Studies in this area focus on ways to identify gifted individuals and strategies for working productively with them in a variety of educational settings. We develop and evaluate gifted programs and services as well as analyze and contribute to research.

Ideologically, our current research and service work focuses on a broad spectrum of giftedness and talent including investigation of specialized programming for gifted students in pull-out programming, as well as more broadly developing potential giftedness and talent in students from underrepresented groups. Our program actively seeks participation from students and professional colleagues from all cultures and language groups as well as international students and others interested in our work.

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Program Overview

A strong foundational knowledge of the theories of learning, principles of development (human, child, and/or adolescent), and concepts from the fields of assessment and research form the basis for understanding these exceptional learners. The majority of our students in Master's and Doctoral programs pursue the degree full-time, however many students seeking the add-on Gifted Education endorsement to the teaching license and the M.Ed. pursue studies part-time while working full-time as teachers, counselors, administrators, or specialists within central offices.

There are four key objectives for the Gifted Education program at Curry:
I. To develop a deep understanding of the field of gifted education and competency in the techniques to advance the knowledge base in gifted education;
II. To strengthen the program’s competitive advantage in recruiting, admitting, and graduating students from all racial, ethnic, gender, and cultural backgrounds;
III. To enhance opportunities for students in the program to develop their own strengths and pursue their particular career goals; and
IV. To strengthen and enhance leadership capacity in the field of gifted education.

Gifted Education Ph.D Handbook
Gifted Education Master's Handbook

Affiliated Research and Programs


  • Virginia Association for Gifted (VAG)
  • National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC)
  • American Educational Research Association (AERA) and the associated
  • AERA/Special Interest Group Research in Giftedness and Talent (SIG #91)
  • Council for Exceptional Children (CEC): The Association for the Gifted
  • Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development


Virginia Department of Education

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