Instructional Technology

Core requirements and coursework in Instructional Technology (IT) prepare students to be leaders in any environment involving learning--K-12 schools, museum education, adult training and development in business and industry, public/non-profit training, higher education, and life-long learning.

Technology, culture, and diversity are virtually inseparable.  As such, diversity plays a large role in projects students design for use inside and outside of classrooms. Faculty and students at Curry contemplate ways technology can be used to extend educational opportunities to all populations.  For example, projects such as the Arts Network of Technological Initiatives celebrate past and present diversity in the immediate community and beyond.  In addition, courses such as Multicultural Education and Advanced Instructional Design encourage students to explore the meaning of diversity.

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Program Overview

Students who focus their studies in IT gain exposure to a wide range of emerging technologies, while ensuring the basic competencies required of all practitioners. Graduates have found career opportunities as instructional designers, interactive developers, information architects, training and technology coordinators, and change/process management specialists in business, industry, education, and government. Others go on to become university faculty members.

Affiliated Research and Programs

  • Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education
  • MyTeachingPartner
  • MyTeachingPartner-Mathematics/Science
  • Science, Humanities and Arts Network of Technological Initiatives
  • Consumer Health Education Institute
  • Faculty Blended Learning Initiatives
  • Frontier Culture Museum project
  • eTIP Cases


  • National Technology Leadership Summit
  • Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education
  • Association for Education Communications and Technology
  • American Society for Engineering Education
  • International Society for Technology in Education

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