Education Council

The Education Council represents the student body of the Curry School of Education at the University of Virginia.  The Education Council serves to satisfy the needs of Curry students by providing a voice to the Curry administration and faculty, as well as the general public. The mission of the Education Council is to improve the experience of Curry students through initiatives that enrich the intellectual, social, and cultural aspects of their lives.  In so doing, we hope to develop a stronger community within Curry.

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Ed Council Executive Committee



Bert Jacoby


The Student Affairs Committee consists of student leaders from across the Curry School of Education that connects other formal student organizations to Ed Council. These members serve in both formal and informal roles as representatives to the university’s Honor, Judiciary, & other standing committees as required. While membership to this committee is established by the organization’s constitution and bylaws, students are encouraged to attend meetings to promote the open advancement of ideas.





Winnie McBride
Vice President and Treasurer

The VP is responsible for keeping track of Ed Council expenses and managing its budget. The VP also steps in for the President at Ed Council meetings if the President is unable to attend. The VP collaborates with other members of Ed Council to devise and implement solutions to Education School concerns and issues. Finally, the VP is the Chairperson for the Budget and Finance Committee.



Megan Washburn
Scholarship and Professional Development Chair

The Scholarship and Professional Development Committee is interested in promoting quality educational research and effective transfer of that research into the classroom, along with developing employment skills in students at all levels. Next year, we will be coordinating a professional development opportunity for student teachers focusing on mindfulness and stress reduction, setting up panel discussions on a variety of topics relevant to the classroom and employment, helping with workshops on resumes and job interviews, and providing staff for the spring job expo. If you have a particular interest in research, professional development, or job skills, come join us!



Megan Dumond
Academic Affairs Chair

The Academic Affairs Committee supports the academic mission of the Curry School of Education by providing student perspectives to faculty and administrators on a wide range of curricular issues. The committee seeks to advance the academic and professional goals of students by encouraging rigorous interdisciplinary courses and programs that adequately prepare students to address the problems and issues they will face as leaders in education policy, research and practice. The committee maintains a strong commitment to intellectual diversity and collaboration across program areas and departments




Shannon Armstrong
Community Service Chair

The Community Service Committee provides students with a variety of ways to give back to the community and beyond through events such as Bowling for Books and the Blood Drive. We work to make sure that many different events are available to serve a range of needs and populations and that students are able to volunteer in a way that is meaningful for them. Join the committee if you would like to help initiate and coordinate any opportunities!



Chrissie Monaghan
Social Chair

The Social Committee plans various events to bring the Curry student community together. We coordinate the Fall and Spring picnics along with smaller gatherings such as bagels in the CLIC and happy hours in order to provide students with many opportunities to get to know each other. Let us know if you’re interested in helping to plan and come up with new events for students to enjoy.



Maggie Keane
Inter-school Relations Chair

The Inter-school Relations Chair will coordinate and plan all programmatic efforts between the various Colleges within the University.   These activities may include conferences, social activities, outreach, and other major university-wide events. This executive committee member will collaborate with other leaders in Ed Council, faculty, and administration to carry out the duties of this office.




Michelle Heuchert
Communications Chair


The Communications chair is responsible for ensuring students know about all events planned by Ed Council. Be sure to check for emails, the bulletin board, and Ed Council’s Facebook page to stay informed of all of the exciting events going on.



Curry's student representatives



Lauren Ortiz
Representative, University Judiciary Committee







Sylvie Harris

Representative, University Judiciary Committee







Samantha Taylor

Curry Secretary, University Judiciary Committee Secretary







Emily Furnari
Representative, StudCo







Ana Morais
Representative, StudCo







Jess Drews
Representative, Honor Committee








Joanna Will
Representative, Honor Committee







Akwasi Asante
Representative, Kinesiology





Kevin Keenan
Representative, Student Health Insurance Committee

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