I Want to Enroll in a Non-degree Program that meets requirements for Licensure in Virginia.

Curry offers three part-time certificate non-degree programs. The certificate program in Special Education is available at the Northern Virginia Center. The Administration & Supervision and Reading Specialist programs are offered on Grounds and at multiple centers around the Commonwealth of Virginia. To apply for admission, submit the online Application for Admission and other required materials by the following dates:

  • October 15 (spring entry to on/off-Grounds programs),
  • March 15 (summer or fall entry to on-and off-Grounds programs), and
  • June 1 (fall entry to off-Grounds programs).

When listing schools you have attended, please do not list a school if the courses taken there show as transfer credits on your undergraduate or graduate transcript. 

If you are admitted to a program and later decide to earn a degree, you may apply up to 6 credits from the endorsement/licensure program toward a degree.

Create an Application Account (a unique account is required for each application)
Log into an Application Account (to apply, check status, or view an admission decision)

I Have Finished My Program of Studies, How do I Apply for Licensure?

I am completing an off-grounds degree or certificate program

  1. Fill out a "Certificate Completion" Form.
  2. Verify with your advisor that you have completed all requirements needed for licensure.
  3. Go the licensure website for the Virginia Department of Education and click on “Application for a Virginia License” for information about applying for licensure in Virginia.
  4. Send an email to, providing us with your name as you would like it to appear on your license, your birthdate, your mailing address, and the area in which you are seeking licensure. We will complete a College Verification Form and mail it to you, so you can add required materials (e.g., official transcript, SSN, required test scores, a check payable to “Treasurer of Virginia") and route materials forward to the Virginia Department of Education.
  5. If a prerequisite for the endorsement is completion of a degree, check SIS to be sure the words “degree conferred” appear on your transcript before ordering an official transcript.
  6. Order a transcript free-of-charge from the registrar's website.

I am completing an on-grounds degree program.

If you do not have initial licensure and you are completing the BA/MT, BS/MT, BSEd/MT or PGMT, you must apply for licensure and endorsement when you apply for graduation. If you are completing a master’s degree in Counselor Education or Communication Disorders, please submit your application for licensure after graduation. Licensure information is available on the Virginia Department of Education website.

I plan to teach in another state after completing licensure/endorsement work at Curry. Should I go ahead and get licensed in Virginia before applying for licensure elsewhere?

Yes, this is a good idea. Virginia has reciprocity with most states, so it is generally easier to get licensed in another state if you already have a license in Virginia. To see which states are willing to accept certification from other states, see the NASDEC Interstate Agreement.

Still have questions? Contact the Office of Admissions and Student Services at 434.924.0742.

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