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Kinesiology’s Professor Block Consults in China

Published on 03/13/17 in News » Articles

Block and Professor LuMartin Block, professor in the Curry School’s department of kinesiology, visited Beijing Sport University (BSU) and consulted with Professor Lu Yan, director of the China Research Center on Sports for Persons with Disabilities to create new academic courses. Block will return to collaborate on several research projects.

Professor Block and a team of professors were asked to create ten new courses that would comprise a concentration in inclusive physical education for physical education majors at BSU starting in the fall of 2018.

“Most children with disabilities in China still attend special schools, and most physical education teacher education programs in China do not require their students to take any coursework related to disability,” Block said. “However, there is an effort by the government to slowly encourage school districts to include children with disabilities into regular schools. Physical educators need to be prepared to work with children with disabilities,.”

In addition to the ten-course concentration at BSU, Block and the team are creating a series of workshops and online modules on inclusive physical education that will be presented to practicing physical educators across China starting this summer.

Professor Block and Professor Lu will be collaborating on several research projects through the China Research Center to determine the effectiveness of these workshops and online modules.

Professor Block will return to Beijing in October to serve as a keynote speaker for “Inclusion Week,” a weeklong symposium introducing inclusive physical education and sport to students at BSU and physical educators and coaches from around the country. 

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