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National Technology Leadership Summit Underway in Nation’s Capital

Published on 10/05/12 in News » Articles

Glen Bull sets the context for this year's SummitThe National Technology Leadership Summit is underway in Washington, DC, this week for its 13th annual meeting on accelerating the meaningful impact of digital technologies in education.

The summit, founded by Glen Bull, Curry School professor of instructional technology, included among this year’s 55 participants nine association presidents, ten editors of educational technology journals, and a host of other association, school, and corporate representatives.

Each year, Bull prompts summit participants to explore the educational benefits of an emerging technology and kicks off a year of development, research, dialog and dissemination among the various organizations represented at the meeting.

This year’s discussions focus on is on developing video-based teaching cases, an increasingly popular tool for advancing teachers’ instructional skills. Specifically, participants are interested in encouraging both new and practicing teacher to consider more frequently how educational technologies might help students learn curricular content in ways they might not be able to learn otherwise.

Their goal is to help teachers think first about the content to be learned, then consider what technology might facilitate student learning, as well as what instructional strategies might be most effective for achieving the learning objective.

Gale Bozeman, AACTE Vice President, welcomes participantsThe relative ease and affordability of recording video in classrooms and disseminating video online, summit leaders believe, make it a useful medium for sharing exemplary teaching moments in the classroom. Video interviews can also help viewers understand teachers’ thinking and decision-making processes before, during, and after instruction.

Other Curry School faculty members participating in the summit include Sara Dexter, associate professor in the administration and supervision program, and Michael McKenna, Jewell Professor of Reading. Curry’s chief technology officer, Pritpal Kochar, made a presentation to the group about his work on software for annotating video.

Curry alumni at the summit include Pamela Moran (M.Ed. ‘80, Ed.D. ‘97 Admin & Supv) who is superintendent of Albemarle County Public Schools, Natalie Milman (Ph.D. ‘00 IT) of George Washington University, Mark Hofer (Ph.D. ‘02 IT) of the College of William and Mary, and John K. Lee (Ph.D. ‘00 Soc Stud Ed) of North Carolina State University.

Organization presidents participating in the summit include Michael Searson, Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education; Marcus Childress, Association for Educational Communications & Technology; Marshall George, National Council of Teachers of English Conference on English Education; Lori Mann, IRA Organization of Teacher Educators in Reading; Susanne Mitchell, National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics; Theresa McCormick, National Council for the Social Studies College and University Faculty Assembly; Marilyn Strutchens, Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators;  John Tillotson, Association for Science Teacher Education; and Christy Chambers, Council for Exceptional Children.

The American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education served as the local host for the summit.

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