Curry Alumni Offer Career Help

Curry School alumni have a reputation for being leaders as well as for being passionate about helping others. They are making a difference across Virginia, the U.S., and the globe.

Some of them also find opportunities to give back to their fellow U.Va. alumni by sharing their career expertise in the Alumni Association’s Friday Forum webinars.

These webinars are free. Recorded sessions are maintained in an online library and available to anyone.

The next Curry alum on the docket is Chandlee Bryan (M.Ed. ’98 Couns Ed) presenting on December 12 from noon to 1 p.m. on the topic, “Your Professional Online Presence: How to Build Visibility and Be Found.” She will talk about how to find and participate in the key networks for your field, how to use LinkedIn’s Alumni features to connect with fellow alumni who can help you be found, and how to optimize your opportunities.

Chandlee is a career advisor at Dartmouth College. She also serves as the Jobs Expert for, works with a small number of private clients and facilitates webinars on career strategy, social media and reputation management.

Here are some other Curry alumni you’ll find in the Friday Forum Webinar Library.

Barbara Kessler (B.S. ’81 Soc Stud Ed; M.Ed. ’90 Couns Ed)

“How to Successfully Manage Career Changes & Transitions”

Barbara addressed:
• Personal & professional considerations
• Steps to follow before making that leap
• Using transferrable skills

She is Director of Human Resources with the U.Va.’s School of Continuing and Professional Studies.

Jennifer McDonald (M.Ed. ’97 Soc Fdns)

“Blogging and Social Media for Professionals”

Jennifer shared her expertise as a blogger (and blogging consultant) who has launched numerous personal and professional blogs. She addressed the reasons for blogging, what it takes to start a blog, how to expand your blog’s audience, and ways to incorporate social media into your blogging plans.

She blogs at and

Karen Dowd (Ph.D. ’93 Ed Pol Studies)

“Key Strategy: City-Specific Job Search”

Karen shared tips on:
• Selecting a city (or cities) in which to conduct a job search
• Finding resources to explore career options in a particular geographic area
• Developing or expanding your network in your selected area
• Generating leads in your target location
• Using on-line resources and databases in your job search

She is a well-known author, speaker and consultant on career management issues and an assistant dean at the Simon Business School, University of Rochester. She has written two books, “The Ultimate Guide to Getting the Career You Want,” and “Interpersonal Skills in Organizations.”

Courtney Hunt (M.Ed. ’91 Soc Fdns)

“Twitter for Professional Purposes: 21 Tips”

Courtney shared 21 best practice suggestions for getting the most out of the Twitter experience, including:

  • Leveraging Twitter for career management, business development, job search, etc.
  • Account/profile set up
  • Determining who to follow (and unfollow)
  • Building Twitter engagement into your daily routine
  • Using the right language and other conventions
  • Striking appropriate balances between quantity and quality, personal and professional, private and public
  • Using hashtags appropriately

Courtney an international consultant, speaker, teacher, and writer. As the Founder of The Denovati Group and the Principal of Denovati Solutions, she consults with individuals and organizations to enhance their social and digital engagement, both externally and internally.