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Student Enrichment

Research and teaching within a school of education must be grounded in a public mission of engagement with the communities – local, regional, state and national. The core elements of Curry’s engagement reflect those of the University of Virginia, whose founder Thomas Jefferson emphasized the pursuit of “useful knowledge.” The essential core elements for community engagement in the University and in Curry are (1) student learning and the application of new knowledge, (2) faculty advancement in both scholarship and teaching, and (3) an appreciation of each community’s culture and unique needs.

Curry’s Community Engagement is designed to educate our students to be responsible scholars, to apply academic expertise to community problems, and to strengthen the civic mission of improving education in all areas and at all levels.

Please note below resources that include Curry programs and clinics serving a broader community of citizen learners. In addition, a list of University of Virginia Community Partnerships and recent news articles are provided.

Links to Opportunities for children and students of all ages

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