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At SEP, our converging goal is to utilize curriculum and instruction as a medium for fostering a lifelong passion for learning and leadership in our young scholars. We recognize that teaching is largely a system of thinking that requires knowing your learners; knowing your content and how to structure content in forms that make it accessible to diverse learners; knowing how to elicit and assess student thinking in myriad ways; and knowing how to create a classroom culture that fosters learning.

To that end, we are committed to supporting teacher learning development towards expertise. Each year, we hire a dynamic staff of content experts from representative departments across Grounds at UVa and master teachers that are dedicated to working with gifted learners and excelling in their own teaching practices. All teachers participate in professional development focused on how students learn in relationship to curriculum and instructional design. Our key areas of inquiry include:

  • Backwards lesson design with an emphasis on developing solid learning goals
  • Developing meaningful learning tasks: discussion structures, model-based reasoning, situational tasks, guided inquiry
  • Assessing and understanding the importance of students' prior knowledge, interests, and goals in learning
  • Eliciting student thinking: Bringing student thinking to the forefront of instruction & classroom discourse
  • Formative assessment: Tapping into your learners' experiences and knowledge and using that to guide/modify instruction.
  • Differentiating instruction to better meet the needs of your learners: How do you balance whole class learning needs with individual learning needs?
  • Developing solid classroom structures & routines: From reactive to proactive management, From managing student behavior to managing student ideas.
  • Teacher identity: Who are you as a teaching professional? How do you fit into a bigger academic culture?


  • In the SEP teaching experience, on-going feedback and opportunities for analysis, reflection, and modification of ideas are designed to move teachers forward in navigating the complexities of the classroom. We recognize that a “one-size-fits-all” professional development approach is largely ineffective. To that end, teachers work in multiple instructional arrangements (whole group to small groups to individual work with our academic coordinator) to develop a meaningful and appropriate curriculum for this population of students.
  • In the Summer program, teachers will have an opportunity to be a part of a professional learning community and explore pedagogical ideas in more depth and complexity.

All positions for 2017 are filled. You can find information about the types of positions we offer by reading through the descriptions of the 2017 positions below. We hope you will check back in August when the positions for 2018 will be posted.


SEP has several types of positions available. All positions are open to UVA students AND to non-students.

For applicants that are UVA Students:

Saturday Teaching Assistant and Lobby Administrator Applications

Online TA/Lobby Admin application

Paper application available here

Summer Teacher Applications (afternoon positions ONLY)

Online SEP Teacher application (recommended)

Paper application available here

Residential Counselors for Summer Program

Residential Counselor application (UVA students ONLY)

For applicants that are Students at other universities or are Non-Students:

If you are applying to be a  teacher or counselor and you are not a UVA student, you should apply through the posting at the UVa Jobs@ site at and search "Summer Enrichment Program" in the "Working Title" field and look for the appropriate posting (either "Summer Enrichment Program Lead Teacher" or "Summer Enrichment Program Counselor"). You can also Google "UVa Summer Enrichment Program Counselor Job" for instance, and get there, too.

For Counselor applicants that are NOT UVa students, please download this recommendation form. We will need two recommendations sent directly to SEP.

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