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Curry Announcement Request

The Curry News Announcement email is sent to students (as well as faculty and staff) each Monday during the school year*. To have your announcement included in the newsletter, please complete the form below before Friday at noon. After this time, the announcement will be included in the following week's newsletter. The announcement will run for one week.

Please complete the form for each week you'd like the announcement included in the newsletter.

We are happy to communicate your request to our students. However, we serve only as a facilitator of these announcements. Curry does not review or vet students, nor can Curry warrant their suitability, background, or competencies for performing work or other activities you have chosen to post through our announcements process. We maintain the sole discretion to reject an announcement deemed inappropriate.

*During the summer months the student news is sent out infrequently, and it may be a few weeks before your announcement is disseminated.

Please Note: Announcements should be no longer than 100 words. Announcements longer than that may be truncated.

Please enter the word you see in the image below:

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