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Case Study Links

  • Kinzie, M., Grogan, M., and McGowan, S. (1999) Zero Tolerance in Layne County
    A case providing current and future school administrators experience with the application of Zero Tolerance policies, and with related political and educational issues.

  • Waterman, M., Stanley, E., Soderberg, P., and Jungck, J.R. (1998) Kingdoms Entangled: Molecules, Malaria, and Maize.
    BioQUEST Curriculum Consortium.   [Retrieved 3/1/98]
    Research and research-like case studies designed to generate open-ended problem solving in the secondary and undergraduate biology classroom.

  • CaseNet
    Active Learning in International Affairs Section (ALIAS) of the International Studies Association   [Retrieved 3/1/98]
    A World Wide Web site for teachers interested in the use of the case method in International Affairs.

  • Case Studies In Small Animal Cardiovascular Medicine [Retrieved 11/12/01]
    Research case studies for continuing education in veterinary medicine.


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