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Missing from School

A partnership with the Virginia Department of Education sheds more light on the ramifications of students’ chronic absenteeism Read More »
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Research into Reality

CASTL celebrates its decade of research around an important societal problem: the assessment and evaluation of effective teaching Read More »

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Student teacher and mentor teacher

More Effective Practicum Experiences

Local mentor teachers who coach our students during their practicum semester are now offered an opportunity for a new graduate course at Curry focused Read More »

Alumni News & Class Notes

Chad was named one of the “20 to Watch” educators for 2017 by the National School Boards A ... [more]

celebrated the third anniversary of starting a learning corporation with his wife at Marke ... [more]

When Writers Drive the Workshop—Honoring Young Voices and Bold Choices by Brian T. Kissel, ... [more]

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Alumni Books

When Writers Drive the Workshop—Honoring Young Voices and Bold Choices by Brian T. Kissel, Ph.D. Stenhouse, 2017. In this practical, engaging book, former elementary school teacher and university prof ... [more]

has published her fourth children’s counting book, Count on Villanova: Fun Facts From 1 to 12 (Mascot Books, 2016). Readers count from one to twelve while discerning even and odd numbers, exploring th ... [more]

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Alumni Spotlight

was one of five teachers selected to receive the 2016 Teaching Tolerance Award for Excellence in Teaching. Wills-Taylor teaches at Woodbrook Elementary School in Charlottesville. Here’s how she is described on the Teaching Tolerance website: Leslie Wills-Taylor is a passionate advocate who supports each student at an individual level. Family engagement is paramount in her classroom. “My […] ... [more]

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Curry Blog

In this 4th installment of this blog series, we share contributions by alumni of the Curry ... [more]

A student yells at a teacher, engages in an altercation with a peer or is continually late ... [more]

Congress took unprecedented action  [March 9, 2017] to sweep away significant regulations ... [more]

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