Recent Notes

Jonathan Plucker (Ph.D. ’95 Ed Psych ) Jonathan Pluckerwill join Johns Hopkins University in January 2016 as the inaugural Julian C. Stanley Professor of Talent Development. This joint appointment between the School of Education and the Center for Talented Youth (CTY) reflects Johns Hopkins’ commitment to interdisciplinary research and to advancing the science of learning.

“In his exceptional career to date, Jonathan Plucker has been a compelling and informed voice speaking to the needs of students at all points on the learning spectrum,” said Elaine Hansen, executive director of CTY. “His leadership in defining the excellence gap as a critical dimension of all educational improvement is particularly key to advancing and integrating the unique strengths of the School of Education and Center for Talented Youth.” KEEP READING from the Johns Hopkins newsroom.

Jonathan is the 2015 Curry School Distinguished Alumnus.