Curry Class Note

Thomas Osina, CAE, IOM

Thomas Osina, CAE, IOM (B.A. ’75) Tom Osinais celebrating the 20th anniversary of the founding of his company, Non-Profit Help ( “After teaching secondary school in Delaware and Virginia, and then working as a new reporter for the Virginia Radio Network and reporter for The Richmond Times Dispatch, I started working in the association and non-profit field. Now, through Non-Profit Help’s offices in Alexandria and Richmond, Va., I get to use my teaching, speaking and media experience to help innovative and growing organization better serve their members around the country. Check out more at and follow me on twitter at @non_profithelp.

Thomas Osina, CAE, IOM's Curry Memory

“My fondest memory of the Curry School was the year I spent representing the Education School on Student Council in 1974-75.”

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