Influencing Public Policy and Raising Visibility for Curry

Once again in 2016 Dean Bob Pianta and Professor Carol Tomlinson have been named among the top 25 education scholars influencing public policy in the country, and a half dozen others made the 200-person list. Influencing public policy has been an explicit goal of Dean Pianta’s from the beginning of his first term as head of our top-ranked education school. Read More »

Ever the Educators

Curry alumni are educators at heart, so grandchildren can become the most fulfilling teaching opportunity of all. Here’s what some of you shared with us: Kathryn Castle Aichele (Ed.D., ’75 Elem Ed) All four of my grandsons, ages 8 mos-7 years, live nearby. I spend a lot of time with them all together and individually to get to know each one and their interests. Read More »

Curry News Briefs

New Dual Degree Option in Teacher Ed

Three decades after establishing a groundbreaking five-year Bachelor of Arts/Master of Teaching program with the College of Arts & Sciences, the Curry School has cemented a similar collaboration with UVA’s School of Engineering and Applied Science to turn engineering undergrads into science and mathematics teachers. Our new five-year Bachelor of Science/Master of Teaching program responds to a nationwide demand for teachers with rich backgrounds in the so-called STEM fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Read More »