Mindfulness: Addressing Teacher Wellbeing

During my years as a teacher, I found that mindfulness practice helped me manage my classroom. When I was practicing regularly, I found that I could handle challenging behaviors with more composure. I took student behaviors less personally and could more often respond thoughtfully, rather than react unconsciously to stressful classroom situations. As a result, I found I could more effectively orchestrate the social and emotional dynamics of my classroom in a way that promoted optimal learning. Read More »

Expand Your Identity

Recently, I opened my door to a knock and was delighted to see the grinning face of Katherine, a Curry School alumna. Now in the final months of her first year, she caught me up on her teaching experiences. After graduating she, like many recent graduates, moved away from home and UVA to begin her adventure in an unknown place – near a Ute Indian reservation. Read More »

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