Presentation day in Newcomb Hall

Students in the Athletics in the University course made their final class presentations in the Newcomb Ballroom, with about 270 students in attendance.

Higher Education Program News 2016

Welcome to the 2016 edition of Higher Ed Happenings. Its arrival marks the conclusion of another dynamic year in the program, one shaped by blending new activities with the familiar in order to best serve our students and our mission. While our program faculty have been active in teaching, scholarly research and national and international service roles (see the Faculty Notes section for details), our students continue to be at the center of our efforts in the Higher Education program. The past half-decade has been a time of rapid growth in the Higher Education program, with increasing enrollments in the M.Ed. program and exceptional undergraduate participation in EDLF 3420 Athletics in the University. The energy, enthusiasm and scholarly commitment that Ph.D., Ed.D., M.Ed., undergraduate, and professional development students from Curry and across Grounds bring to the Higher Education program and our courses is extraordinary. Read More »

M.Ed. Program Success

In 2009 assistant professor Christian Steinmetz (Ph.D. ’08) joined the Higher Education faculty to build a strong master of education program, and her efforts have met with resounding success. The program, which generally attracts people who are passionate about postsecondary education and making a difference in the lives of students, has grown gradually to accommodate 40-45 students a year with a 50-60% acceptance rate of applicants. “We have some room for growth, but we must do so in a targeted and strategic way to maintain our ability to work with students individually,” Steinmetz said. Read More »