Professor Derrick P. Alridge (far right) with Carmen Foster (Ed.D. ’14 Soc Fdns; far left), doctoral candidate Lindsey Jones and Virginia civil rights activist, theologian, and educator, Wyatt Tee Walker. Walker was also an advisor to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (The Teachers in the Movement interview with Walker took place March 2015.)

Teachers in the Movement

Establishing Research Opportunities for Students

Last year faculty members in Social Foundations led some of the most exciting and interesting research projects in Curry and across the university. One such endeavor was led by Social Foundations program coordinator and professor Derrick Alridge. The project is called Teachers in the Movement. At the heart of the project is Alridge’s belief that teachers and educators were critical participants in the American civil rights movement. According to Alridge, teachers fulfilled various functions in the movement as interlocutors of democracy, curriculum reformers, community organizers, and mentors to young civil rights activists. Read More »

The Face of UVA in NOVA

Dan Driscoll effectively leads the off-Grounds Social Foundations program.

For the 40-plus Northern Virginia students annually enrolled in our off-Grounds master’s degree program in Social Foundations, Associate Professor Dan Driscoll is the face of the University of Virginia. “The heart and soul of the off-Grounds program” is the way Professor Derrick Alridge describes him. Read More »

Social Foundations Doctoral Research 2016

A sampling of dissertation projects currently in progress.

Lindsey Jones Topic: A reformatory for African American female juvenile delinquents in the state of Virginia, from 1915 to 1940 Lauren Stark Title: The Solidarity Network: Policy Mobility and Cultural Change in U.S. Teachers’ Unions. Danielle Wingfield Smith Title: Navigating the ‘Virginia Way’: Henry L. Marsh, Civil Rights, and Massive Resistance, 1952-1990 Read More »