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Video: Christ Herbst Gives Ed Policy Seminar on 3/28/17

Published on 07/06/17, in News » Media » Videos

Dr. Chris Herbst from Arizona State University completed a talk entitled “The Demand for Teacher Characteristics in the Market for Child Care: Evidence from a Field Experiment” on Monday March 27th, 2017 for the Ed Policy Seminar Series sponsored by EdPolicyWorks.

Talk Abstract: This paper presents results from a resume audit study designed to examine teacher hiring practices in the center-based child care market. Specifically, we experimentally varied job-seeker characteristics on a large number of resumes that were submitted in response to real assistant and lead teacher job postings in 14 U.S. cities. Our results indicate that child care providers may not hire the most qualified applicants. For example, we find that although providers have a strong preference for individuals with previous work experience in early childhood education (ECE), those with more ECE experience are less likely to receive an interview request than those with less experience. We also find that individuals with bachelor’s degrees in ECE are no more likely to receive an interview than their counterparts at the associate’s level, even in the market for lead preschool-age teachers. However, our results point to the importance of states’ child care regulations in shaping hiring decisions. Providers operating in strict regulatory environments place a substantially higher value on ECE experience and education than their counterparts in lenient environments. Together, our findings shed light on the complex trade-offs made by center-based providers attempting to offer high-quality programs while earning sufficient revenue to stay in business.

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