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Video: Cynthia Coburn gives CRC Keynote & Curry Research Lecture on 4/14/17

Published on 07/06/17, in News » Media » Videos

Dr. Cynthia Coburn from Northwestern University completed a talk entitled “Pathways from Research to Policy: Implications for Researchers” on Friday, April 14th, 2017 for the Curry Research Lectureship Series..

Talk abstract: In the last decade, there has been renewed interest in how policy makers in various fields use research in their decision making. Researchers wonder why some research ends up being influential in policy making while other research does not. Funders want to find ways that their investment in research can be more influential. Advocates argue that policy makers should be using the best information available to inform consequential decisions, especially when it affects children and youth. In this talk, I discuss what we know as a field about the ways in which research informs policy making. Rather than taking a normative stance, I discuss the nature of decision making in public agencies and the ways in which research enters into these practices, and the role of researchers and research-practice partnerships in these processes. I illustrate the discussion with evidence from my own studies of instructional decision making in urban school districts. I discuss implications for researchers, paying particular attention to new ways of conceptualizing the relationship between researchers and policy makers.

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