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Video: Mark Lipsey gives Curry Research Lecture on 11/11/16

Published on 11/22/16, in News » Media » Videos

Dr. Mark Lipsey from Vanderbilt University completed a talk on entitled “Are the Expectations for State-Funded Pre-K Realistic? The Tennessee Pre-K Study and Reflections about its Implications” on Friday November 11th, 2016 for the Curry Research Lectureship Series.

Talk abstract: Over the last 15 years or so, there has been a considerable increase in the implementation and expansion of state-funded prekindergarten programs aimed at children from low-income families.  Policy interest in these investments has largely been propelled by high expectations that such programs will help close the achievement gap evidenced by low-income children and produce long-term positive life outcomes on graduation rates, employment, criminal behavior, and the like. The ongoing study of the Tennessee Voluntary Prekindergarten program is the only well-controlled longitudinal study of the extent to which the effects of a scaled-up state-funded pre-k program are sustained beyond the end of the pre-k year. The findings so far—through the end of third grade and continuing—do not support the high expectations for statewide targeted pre-k; indeed, they include some negative effects. These results have stimulated various reflections on what might be causing them, the challenges facing state pre-k programs, and how well-founded the high expectations for such programs actually are.

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