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Video: Noelle Hurd gives Curry Research Lecture on 3/3/17

Published on 03/07/17, in News » Media » Videos

Dr. Noelle Hurd from the University of Virginia completed a talk entitled “Natural Mentoring Relationships: Why They Matter and What We Can Do To Encourage Their Formation” on Friday March 3rd, 2017 for the Curry Research Lectureship Series.

Talk abstract: Using a resilience framework, my research to date has demonstrated the potential of natural mentoring relationships (i.e., naturally-occurring, supportive, intergenerational relationships between youth and nonparental adults) to influence positively the psychosocial outcomes of adolescents and emerging adults. This presentation will focus on current and future directions of my research. These directions are guided by the following primary research questions: 1) What are key moderating and mediating factors that determine the success of these relationships in promoting more positive developmental outcomes? 2) How do the broader contexts within which youth are situated influence the formation of natural mentoring relationships? and 3) How can we intervene to encourage the onset of natural mentoring relationships among youth who are lacking these supportive ties?

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