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Reducing Teachers’ Stress Leads to Higher Quality Classrooms

Teachers who regularly use stress-reducing strategies increase their abilities to cope with the demands of the career and are positioned to be more effective teachers.

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Curry Magazine

A More Open House

ASD-cover photo
Fourth Year Ana Mendelson accommodates theater for local kids with sensory challenges Back in summer 2013 Ana Mendelson was working with a young girl in the Charlottesville area who had a developmental disability. One day they tried going to a local movie theater. “She had a completely overwhelming experience,” Mendelson said. They tried sitting in different […]

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Magazine Stories

  • Family Ties
    “My grandmother, Lolita Maria Diaz Aldridge, graduated from the Curry School in 1969 with a M.Ed. in special education, concentrating in deaf education. Alexandra Aldridge & Lolita Aldridge She worked at the Delaware School for the Deaf for eight years and then taught at Gallaudet University until she retired. She always approached her work with […]
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  • Forgotten Trailblazers

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Faculty Spotlight

John Wills Lloyd
Special Education

Prof. Lloyd is the recipient of the 2015 Frederick J. Weintraub Outstanding CEC Leadership Award, honoring his lifelong contributions to the Council.

Student Spotlight

Holland Banse
M.Ed. Alumni, & Ph.D. Student
Educational Psychology-Applied Developmental Science

This is an applied program, and that means that we are not just doing research for the sake of doing research, we are looking for the best ways to apply that knowledge in classrooms.

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