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Does it Matter if Teachers and Students are the Same Race?

Diversity among pre-K teachers may play a significant role in the academic experiences of minority students, according to a study done by Curry researchers.

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Research You Can Use: Educators Edition 2016

child's hands
Five Characteristics of Effective School Leaders Five broad domains of practice most frequently characterize effective school leaders, according to an in-depth review of 56 empirical studies by Dallas Hambrick Hitt (Ph.D. ’14 Admin & Supv) and Professor Pamela D. Tucker: They establish and convey the vision They build professional capacity They create a supportive organization […]

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Magazine Stories

  • Does It Matter If Teachers and Students Are the Same Race?
    As schools work to close socioeconomic and racial achievement gaps between their students, a new study from the University of Virginia’s Center for Advanced Study of Teaching and Learning suggests that the background of the teachers in the front of pre-kindergarten classrooms can make a big difference. In a study conducted by Jason Downer, director […]
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  • School Counselors and Complex Issues
    Over the summer the U.S. has witnessed a series of tragic events highlighting complex issues like global terrorism and racial unrest. As teachers, staff and families enter the back-to-school season, how do K-12 schools navigate the muddy waters of acknowledging these events with their students? This year, the Curry School of Education will prepare nearly 60 […]
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Curry Blog

  • One Chapter at a Time
    One novel, 16 years of students, and a lesson on how to build relationships through curriculum. I vividly remember February

  • When to Introduce Consequences
    What do you do when your child won’t listen to you or is misbehaving? Time-outs? Give-in? Do you find yourself

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Student Spotlight

Caroline Ward
4th year

As I apply to physical therapy schools, it's clear that the engaging coursework and the knowledgeable and supportive professors in the Kinesiology program have prepared me well for the future.

Faculty Spotlight

Clinical & School Psychology

Peter Sheras has been elected to the Board of Educational Affairs with the American Psychological Association and to the APA Council of Representatives.

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