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Digital Kids Test Classroom Management Skills of Teachers-in-Training

Standing in front of a classroom for the first time is already nerve-wracking for teachers in training. So what happens when that kid in the third row slips out his cell phone?

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A More Open House

ASD-cover photo
Fourth Year Ana Mendelson accommodates theater for local kids with sensory challenges Back in summer 2013 Ana Mendelson was working with a young girl in the Charlottesville area who had a developmental disability. One day they tried going to a local movie theater. “She had a completely overwhelming experience,” Mendelson said. They tried sitting in different […]

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Magazine Stories

  • Forgotten Trailblazers

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  • Spheres of Influence
    Virginia has enjoyed a steady flow of good news about education in recent months: Both fourth- and eighth-grade students outperformed their nationwide peers in reading and mathematics on the latest National Assessment of Educational Progress. The dropout rate among Virginia students has decreased to 5.2 percent, compared with 8.7 percent in 2008; 90.5 percent earned […]
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Curry Blog

  • Educators as Entrepreneurs
    For over a decade I’ve worked in the field of education in many capacities: as a high school history teacher,

  • Taking the Uneasy Road
    Taking the easy road will never lead to lasting rewards. Rather, paths that make you uneasy, unsure, or uncomfortable may

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Faculty Spotlight

Dan Duke
Administration & Supervision

Professor Duke's latest book, Leadership for Low-Performing Schools, was published in January.

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Student Spotlight

Paul Yoder
Ph.D. Student
Social Studies Education

Curry has a serious research scene with hands-on experiences, and quality professors who care about students.

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