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Prof. Hulleman’s Research on Teens Interest in STEM Featured on EdWeek Blog


Education Week

High schoolers parents play an important role in influencing their child's interest in STEM subjects and career.

Study: To Get High School Students Interested in STEM, Invest in Parents

When parents of high schoolers are given guidance on how to talk about the importance of science and math, their children are more likely to score well on a STEM standardized test and, years later, pursue a STEM career, according to a recent study from the University of Virginia. 

"What's really interesting is that an intervention that targeted students' attitudes about particular topics—math and science—led to increases in their knowledge and changes in their behavior," Chris Hulleman, a research associate professor at the university and a co-author of the study, explained in an interview. "And once we affected their behavior in high school, this cascade of things happened in college." 

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