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Prof. Steven Malin’s Diabetes Study Featured in CBS 19


CBS 19

CBS 19 details a study by Curry Professor Steven Malin on the impact of combining diabetes drugs with exercise.

New study examines how popular Diabetes drug interacts with exercise

A new University of Virginia health study finds that a popular drug to treat diabetes has an unusual reaction with exercise.

Professor Steven Malin is the lead research of "Exercise as Medicine: What's the right dose when taken with a drug?"

In the study, Malin and several other researchers took a closer look at how exercise interacts with the popular Diabetes drug Metformin.

Metformin and exercise both reduce glucose levels in the body. Doctors usually prescribed both for patients with Diabetes and pre-Diabetes.

At the start of the study, Malin said researchers believed combining the two would bring down glucose levels.

But according to the study, conducted on pre-Diabetes patients, combining exercise with the drug was actually not more effective than just doing exercise. In some cases, the combination even decreased the fitness benefits of exercise.

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