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The 74 Features Dean Pianta’s Op-Ed on Trump Policies


The 74

Dean Bob Pianta writes op-ed on the negative effects of Trump's policies on public education.

Dean Robert Pianta: Why Trump's Policies Are a Threat to Role of Public Education in America

Public education in America is both a safety net and a great equalizer. As a nation, we created an education system available to every single child, one that seeks to prepare each one to succeed in work, society, and life.

Our system also ensures that the rights of all students are protected, and aspires that the poorest and most vulnerable students don’t get left out or left behind.

Over the first 100 days of the Trump administration, one of the most radical proposed changes has been to the education system we have created. The new administration seems hell-bent on dismantling public education in America. In their view, education is a private affair, and we have no collective responsibility, to individuals or to the country, to provide education for our children. Their plan — embodied by a fixation on vouchers and coupled with a retreat from the most basic guardrails of accountability — cannot be seen as merely a new effort in reform. It is a radical departure from our country’s commitment to education as a public good. It abandons the fundamental idea of education as a uniting element in our diverse, pluralistic society. In its place, it would leave every child to fend for themselves.

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