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Feature Article

UVA Launches Pan-University Minor in Health & Wellbeing

The program promises to provide a solid basis for more specific graduate study while promoting intelligent decision-making that can improve students’ quality of life.

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Curry Magazine

Research You Can Use: Educators Edition 2016

child's hands
Five Characteristics of Effective School Leaders Five broad domains of practice most frequently characterize effective school leaders, according to an in-depth review of 56 empirical studies by Dallas Hambrick Hitt (Ph.D. ’14 Admin & Supv) and Professor Pamela D. Tucker: They establish and convey the vision They build professional capacity They create a supportive organization […]

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Magazine Stories

  • Louisville’s Experiment
    At Cane Run Elementary School, ringing bells mark more than the start of the school day. For teachers Meghann Clem and Christine “Shay” Johnson, the sound of a chime begins another 50-minute lesson to teach students compassion, empathy, mindfulness, and resilience. These so-called soft skills, research suggests and educators believe, will translate into success inside […]
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  • Does It Matter If Teachers and Students Are the Same Race?
    As schools work to close socioeconomic and racial achievement gaps between their students, a new study from the University of Virginia’s Center for Advanced Study of Teaching and Learning suggests that the background of the teachers in the front of pre-kindergarten classrooms can make a big difference. In a study conducted by Jason Downer, director […]
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Curry Blog

  • Cultivating Focus
    Like most people in the world today I struggle to focus. There are just so many things to pay attention

  • One to Grow On
    From time to time, someone asks me what my favorite book is. I almost always pause. I know the answer,

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Faculty Spotlight

Marcia Invernizzi
Reading Education

Charlottesville Tom Tom Festival recently named Marcia a "Founder" for her work founding the literacy program "PALS".

Student Spotlight

Nick Langsdorf
M.Ed Curriculum & Instruction

"I can say with absolute certainty that [my Curry and Peace Corps experiences] already made me a better teacher and a better person."

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