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Amanda Williford to guest on ‘HearSay With Cathy Lewis’


Dr. Amanda Williford from the Curry School of Education’s Center for Advanced Study of Teaching and Learning (CASTL), was a guest on WHRV’s lunch hour show called ‘HearSay with Cathy Lewis’ on Thursday, March 12. The local radio station in Hampton Roads, VA, invited Williford to discuss the results of the Virginia Kindergarten Readiness Project (VKRP). That comprehensive report indicated that about one-third of Virginia students lack at least one important element of readiness for kindergarten. During the one-hour show, that starts at noon, Williford highlighted the results of her research and discussed how parents can better prepare young children for a lifetime of successful learning.
‘HearSay with Cathy Lewis’ is a call-in radio show that airs Monday through Thursday on WHRV-FM 98.5.
Listen to the podcast of the show.

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