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CASTL Wraps Up Spring Professional Conferences at AERA


Researchers at the Center for Advanced Study of Teaching and Learning (CASTL) are wrapping up the spring professional conferences by presenting at the American Educational Research Association (AERA) in San Francisco, CA. The theme at this years’ conference is “Education and Poverty: Theory, Research, Policy and Praxis.”

AERA is a national research society that strives to advance knowledge about education, to encourage scholarly inquiry related to education, and to promote the use of research to improve education and serve the public good.

Hulleman (CASTL research associate professor) is presenting a number of papers and posters on his work relating to motivation including “Motivation Interventions in Education: A Meta-Analytic Review” and “Teacher Perceptions of Student Motivational Challenges and Best Strategies to Enhance Motivation.”

Merritt (CASTL research associate) and colleagues are leading a paper presentation entitled “Examining Differences in Mathematics Teaching Practices Between Title I and Non-Title I Schools.”

Other CASTL researchers with presenting roles at AERA include Jason Downer, Bridget Hamre, Michelle Ko, David Feldon, Robert Berry, Megan Stuhlman, Robert Pianta, Sara Rimm-Kaufman, and Natalia Palacios. CASTL graduate students presenting included Carol Paxton and Christopher Rates.

The Curry School of Education co-hosted a networking reception with other Virginia institutions such as George Mason University, Virginia Commonwealth University, Virginia Tech and William and Mary.

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