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Hamre to be Guest Editor for a Special Issue on Measurement


Bridget Hamre, a Research Associate Professor and Associate Director of the Center for Advanced Study on Teaching and Learning (CASTL), will serve as a guest editor for a special issue of the Journal of Early Adolescence focusing on “Using Measurement to Understand and Impact Early Adolescents’ Experience in Schools.”

Manuscripts for this special issue may focus on the validation of new measures, application of measures in basic research in school settings, or use of measures in the context of intervention research in schools. The goal of this special set of articles is to provide actionable data to teachers, principals, parents, school counselors, or the students’ themselves in ways that promote positive development.

Bridget HamreHamre, as well as Elise Cappella from New York University, will be the guest editors.

This special issue aligns with a new initiative launched by CASTL that Hamre and Cappella are organizing. This work pushes researchers and educators to expand their knowledge through measurement that is novel and innovative while grounded in developmental science.

The Journal of Early Adolescence examines the early adolescent developmental period (10-14 years of age) and is ranked in the top 25 of psychology and developmental journals. A call for papers has been released by the journal and the manuscript submission deadline is July 15, 2013.

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