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New York Magazine Blog Cites Prof. Hulleman’s Meta Analysis of Motivation Interventions


A meta-analysis conducted by Dr. Chris Hulleman, Research Associate Professor at the University of Virginia’s Curry School of Education, and Rory Lazowski, Assistant Research Scientist at The College Board, was referenced and linked to by New York Magazine’s Science of Us Blog.

Hulleman and his colleague reviewed 74 published and unpublished papers that measured how different interventions grounded in motivation theory impacted educational outcomes. What they found is that the interventions were generally effective.

The meta-analysis was one of several referenced by blog author Jesse Singal in his posting entitled “Is Mindset Theory Really in Trouble?”  Singal received criticism for an initial blog post that questioned the quality of evidence supporting Mindset Theory, which has been studied and put forth by Stanford University psychologist Carol Dweck. The idea behind Dweck’s work is that individuals can take on a fixed or growth mindset in the way they approach daily tasks, often affecting the way they tend to persist or give up if challenges arise.

In this follow-up blog, Singal provides a more balanced view, restating the views of critics have of mindset theory, but also including evidence from a range of meta-analyses like Dr. Hulleman’s, that support part of Dweck’s theories by highlighting the effectiveness of motivation-oriented interventions on educational outcomes.

To review the meta-analysis: Motivation Interventions in Education - A Meta-Analytic Review

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