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Voorhees and Weaver attend VA Professional Development Summit


Mary Voorhees and Wanda Weaver, both research scientists at the Center for Advanced Study of Teaching and Learning (CASTL), are attending the Virginia Cross-Sector Professional Development Summit today. The goal of the summit is to provide an opportunity for those who deliver professional development to early childhood providers in Virginia to meet each other and plan for ways to promote collaboration and future coordination of efforts.

The Summit will be held in Lynchburg, VA and will focus on:

—Learning about statewide early childhood initiatives across the state of Virginia.
—Networking with other providers of early care and education professional development in the Piedmont region.
—Gathering information from professional development providers to assist in developing a work plan supporting and shaping the future infrastructure of Early Childhood Cross Sector Professional Development teams within the Piedmont Region.
—Planning and creating a vision for coordinating quality early childhood professional development in the Piedmont region.

Voorhees and Weaver will be bringing information about the professional development efforts happening at CASTL, including a free MOOC entitled “Effective classroom interaction: Supporting young children’s development” and practitioner-based workshops announcement via CASTL’s website.

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