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The Curry School is Top Ranked

What Students Are Saying About Curry’s Online Offerings…

"Curry’s online courses provided the opportunity for me to learn from the high quality professors at the University of Virginia without having to leave Richmond.  I was able to complete my degree while working full time, while networking with and learning from peers throughout the state of Virginia and beyond.  The quality of the instructors was outstanding as was the caliber of the students.  It was a fantastic consortium of thinkers and doers.  I learned tremendous leadership skills throughout the Curry program that I will apply to help facilitate change in the future of local education."

Branch Feagans, ESL Teacher, Richmond City Public Schools



"Curry's online courses exceeded my expectations.  Each professor created a sense of community online, and created a multi-sensory class, complete with visual presentations, lectures, forums, and practical application projects that ranged from assessment administration, book talks, running records, observations, sociograms, literature guides, etc.   The Curry School not only changes the format from Face-to-Face to online, but the teaching methodology also reflects the way the class is taught, and Curry does this exceptionally well!"

Carri Naumann-Monti, former Dean of Student Support at The Steward School



"U.Va.'s Reading Education Program was a great experience for me. I learned that all online classes are not created equal. Taking online courses from experts in the field who created a sense of community and facilitated meaningful interactions was a fabulous experience! I left the program and stepped into a role as a reading teacher with confidence that I had the evidence based strategies to help students become successful readers."

Anne Counoupas - Reading Teacher, Chesterfield County Public Schools

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