New Online Articles on Coaching

These articles may help you better understand how the coach's role is shaping up nationally. They represent a variety of views, and neither the architects nor Georgia's Reading First necessarily endorses their content. We offer them to extend your thinking about the coach's role, and we encourage you to evaluate them with a critical eye.

Facilitating Teacher Study Groups (Walpole and Beauchat, 2008)

Considerations for Literacy Coaches in Classrooms with English Language Learners (Escamilla, 2007)

Do's and Don'ts for Literacy Coaches: Advice from the Field (Bean and DeFord, 2007)

Coaching Considerations: FAQs Useful in the Development of Literacy Coaching (Fisher, 2007)

Qualifications for Literacy Coaches: Achieving the Gold Standard (Frost and Bean, 2006)

What Are the Characteristics of Effective Literacy Coaching? (Shanklin, 2006)

Coaching in Context: Crafting a Site-Based Staff Development System (Walpole, 2005)

Standards for Middle and High School Literacy Coaches (IRA, NCTE, NCTM, NSTA, NCSS, and Carnegie)

NCTE's Views on Coaching (2005)

Changing Role of the Reading Specialist in School Reform (Jan Dole, RT, Feb. 2004)

Literacy Coaches: An Evolving Role

School Based Coaching (2004)
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NCREL Guide for Coaches (2004)

Reading First Literacy Coaching: A Guide for Coaches and Reading First Leaders (2004)

Coaching Moves Beyond the Gym (2004)

Pioneers for Professional Learning (2004)

How to Develop a Coaching Eye (2004)

Instructional Coaches Make Progress through Partnership (2004)

Coaching: A Strategy for Developing Instructional Capacity (2003)

The Continuing Trouble with Collaboration: Teachers Talk (2003)

How Are Coaches Prepared? (2003)

The Literacy Coach: A Key to Improving Teaching and Learning in Secondary Schools (2003)

Making Our Own Road: The Emergence of School-Based Staff Developers (2003)

My Mentor, Myself (2003)

Enhancing Teacher Quality: Peer Coaching as a Professional Development Strategy (2003)

Bibliography for School-Based Staff Developers and Coaches (2003)

Straight Talk about Collaborative Coaching and Learning (2003)
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Telementoring: Supporting the Transition from Novice to Teacher (no date)