Professional Development Presentations

This page allows you to download PowerPoints presented by the Architects.

Presenter Aids

All-Purpose Slides (ppt)
Quotes about Reading (ppt)
Quotes about Writing (ppt)
Word Games (looping ppt)
Word Games Answers (accompanying presenter-controlled ppt, answers in red)

June 2010

Final GARF Survey of Principals and Coaches (doc)

May 2010

Peer-Assisted Learning Strategies (PALS) (ppt)

February 2010

GARF Evaluation 2009 (ppt)
Introduction to Differentiation Grades 4 and 5 (ppt)
Word Recognition and Fluency Grades 4 and 5 (ppt) (without video clips)
Vocabulary and Comprehension Grades 4 and 5 (ppt) (without video clips)

August 2009

Models of Coaching (ppt)
Study of Coaching's Effects in Georgia Reading First (ppt)
Observation Protocols (doc)

April 2009

Coaching Observation Checklists (doc)
Research on Coaching (ppt)
National Reading Conference Research Review of Coaching (doc)

March 2009

Administrative Update (ppt)
Staying Current in Reading: Suggestions for Administrators (ppt)

February 2009

Planning for Vocabulary and Comprehension (ppt)
Planning for Vocabulary and Comprehension (pptx)

November 2008

Planning for Fluency and Comprehension (ppt)
Guided Reading versus Differentiated Reading Instruction (ppt)
Guiding Questions for Grouping (ppt)
Guiding Questions Chart (doc)

September 2008

Planning for Word Recognition and Fluency (ppt)
Lesson Manipulatives (doc)

August 2008

Providing Professional Support: Read-Alouds and Differentiated Instruction (ppt)
Preparing a Science Read-Aloud (doc)

July 2008

Making the Most of Observation (National RF Conference, Nashville, ppt)

June 2008

Top Ten Reasons to Use Science Books for Read-Alouds: Stephen Pruitt (ppt)
Top Ten Reasons to Use Science Books for Read-Alouds: Nancy Brickhouse (ppt)
Planning Science Read-Alouds (ppt)
Science Read-Aloud Planning Activity (ppt)
Graphic Organizers for Read-Aloud Planning (ppt)
Read-Aloud Lesson Template (doc)

May 2008

Differentiated Instruction through Professional Development in GA RF (IRA, Atlanta)

February 2008

Sustainable RF Leadership (ppt)
Georgia Statewide Data Summary, Fall 2007 to Winter 2008 (pdf)
Model Lessons for PA, Phonics, and Word Recognition (ppt)
Model Lessons for PA, Phonics, and Word Recognition (handout)
Model Lessons for Word Recognition and Fluency (ppt)
Model Lessons for Word Recognition and Fluency (handout)
Model Lessons for Fluency and Comprehension (ppt)
Model Lessons for Fluency and Comprehension (handout)
Model Lessons for Vocabulary and Comprehension (ppt)
Model Lessons for Vocabulary and Comprehension (handout)

January 2008

William Nagy on Vocabulary (ppt)
Rolanda O'Connor on Word Recognition (ppt)

December 2007

Reading First: Designing State-Level Support (ppt delivered at the meeting of the National Reading Conference)

November 2007

Small-Group Differentiation: Phonological Awareness and Phonics (ppt)
Small-Group Differentiation: Word Recognition and Fluency (ppt)
Small-Group Differentiation: Fluency and Comprehension (ppt)
Small-Group Differentiation: Vocabulary and Comprehension (ppt)
Differentiated Instruction Planning Templates (doc)

October 2007

The Principal's Role in Reading First (ppt)

September 2007

Literacy Coach's Kick-off: Goals for the Year (ppt)
Differentiated Instruction Planning Templates (doc)

May 2007

Combining Comprehension and Fluency in Small Groups (ppt)
Role-Play Scripts to Accompany PowerPoint (doc)

March 2007

Module: Targeting Comprehension, Part 1 (ppt)
Handout: GPS K-3 Chart (doc)
Handout: Approaches Template (doc)
Module: Targeting Comprehension, Part 2 (ppt)

February 2007

Module: Differentiating Instruction: Planning with the K/1 Team (ppt)
Handout: Organization of Time, Materials, and Activities: K/1 (doc)
Module: Differentiating Instruction: Planning with the 2/3 Team (ppt)
Handout: Organization of Time, Materials, and Activities: 2/3 (doc)
Handout for both Differentiation Modules: Small-Group Alternative Lesson Structures for All Students (FCRR pdf)

January 2007

Improving Your Skills as a Professional Developer (ppt)

November 2006

Module: Increasing Explicitness in Fluency Instruction
Handout: Speed Reading article
Module: Increasing Explicitness in Phonemic Awareness and Phonics Instruction

October 2006

Module: Advanced Decoding
Handout: Mirette Syllable Sort
Module: Coaching Self-Assessment
Handout: Self-Assessment Survey

September 2006

Innovation Configuration Template

August 2006: Cohort 1, Year 3

School- and Teacher-Level Effects in RF
Module: Assessment-Driven Instruction
Module: Attitudes
Module: Centers
Handout: Center Ideas
Module: Classroom Environment
Handout: Morrow Checklist
Module: Comprehension Strategies
Handout: Comprehension Strategy Chart
Module: Conferencing
Module: Informal Assessment
Module: Intervention
Module: Observation
Module: Vocabulary and Comprehension

August 2006: Cohort 2, Year 1

August Kickoff
Grant Review

June 2006

Needs-Based Instruction: Managing Materials & Students (Sara McGraw, Funded Conference)
Revised Action Plan (doc)

May 2006

Reading First Evaluation in Georgia (IRA 2006) (ppt)

April 2006

Crafting Coaching Models (IRA 2006) (ppt)
Potential PD Modules for Year 3

March 2006

Dialect (ppt)
Planning Needs-Based Instruction (Part 2) (ppt)

February 2006

ELL in Depth (ppt)
ELL for LCs (ppt)
Study Group 3 (doc)
Preliminary Program Effectiveness (DIBELS) (ppt)
Evelyne Barker: Second Language Acquisition and Reading (ppt)

January 2006

Planning Needs-Based Instruction (ppt)
Demonstration Materials (doc)
Scope-and-Sequence Reference Chart (doc)

November 2005

Interpreting Achievement Results (ppt)
Program Effectiveness in GARF: Where Have We Been and Where Do We Want to Go? (ppt)
Study Group 2 (doc)
Regional Data Sheets (doc)

October 2005

Using Read-Alouds to Build Vocabulary and Comprehension (ppt)
Fluency Strategies for Needs-Based Time (doc)
Sample Read-Aloud Lesson Plans (Spiders Are Not Insects and Miss Rumphius) (doc)

September 2005

Differentiation Strategies
Study Group: Ages and Stages
Implementation Interview

August 2005

Where Have We Been? (Review of Year 1 PD)
What Did Our Teachers Learn in Year 1?
How Did Our Students Do in Year 1?

May 2005

Comprehension Instruction (Research and Best Practice)
Explaining Reading Study Guide (doc)
Duffy's Explanation Template (doc)

April 2005

Vocabulary Instruction (Research and Best Practice)
Vocabulary for LCs Part 1
Vocabulary for LCs Part 2
Bringing Words to Life Reading Guide (doc)
Bringing Words to Life Preview (ppt)
Daedalus Example

March 2005

Administrator Meeting
Overview of SBRR
Leadership in Reading First

February 2005

Developing Reading Fluency (Research and Best Practice)
Fluency Development for LCs

Rasinski PowerPoint
Rasinski Study Guide

January 2005

Moats Reading Guide (doc)
Phonics Vocabulary Anticipation Guide
Phonics and Word Recognition for LCs
Fox Reading Guide
K-1 Activity Sort
Stages of Movement toward Word Fluency
Phonics and Word Recognition Background and Research

November 2004

Phonological Awareness
Gillon Reading Guide (doc)
Phonological Awareness for Coaches
Ericson and Juliebo Reading Guide (doc)
Redelivery Observation Categories (doc)
Interactive Read-Aloud Planning Guide (doc)
Phonological Awareness Activities Card Sort by Difficulty (doc)

October 2004

Assessment-Driven Instruction
Data-Based Instructional Decisions
State of the School
McKenna and Stahl Reading Guide (doc)

September 2004

From Curriculum to Instruction
What Can Test Scores Tell You about the State of Your School?

August 2004

Lessons from Professional Development
Improving Achievement through Professional Development

June 2004

Let's Get Started!
LC Roles and Goals
School Leadership
Managing Large-Group Presentations
Providing Professional Support