Professional Resources

NY Presentation 1

NY Presentation 2

Working Smarter, Not Harder: What Teachers of Reading Need to Know and Be Able to Teach
Tolman, Carol (2005)

A School-wide Model for Literacy Change
Jones, Sandra (2005)

How Well Does Assessment Inform Our Reading Instruction?
McKenna, Michael, & Walpole, Sharon (2005)

Leadership for School-Wide Literacy Change
Moscovitch, Edward (2005)

Curriculum Integration in a Multi-Tiered Instructional Approach
Foorman, Barbara, & Nixon, Stephanie (2005)

Assessment-Driven Instruction: A Systems Approach
Diamond, Linda (2005). (pdf)

Teaching Reading IS Rocket Science.
Moats, Louisa. (2000). (pdf)

Beating the Odds in Teaching All Children to Read.
Taylor, Barbara M.; Pearson, P. David; Clark, Kathleen F., & Walpole, Sharon. (1999).
(CIERA Technical Report No. 2-006, pdf or html)

Reading Next
Carnegie report on adolescent literacy

Every Child a Reader (CIERA Series)

PALS (Phonological Awareness Literacy Screening) Resources

How Psychological Science Informs the Teaching of Reading (Rayner et al.)

NAEP 2005 Reading Framework. (pdf)

Parent Guide