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Research Overview

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In addition to our research centers, Curry School of Education faculty and students are conducting research in a variety of ways across the school. From individual projects to research labs, where ongoing research is taking place around a specific topic, we are examining closely many elements of the human experience.

Research centers at the Curry School are hubs of collaborative research and development activity involving faculty and students, holding regular training and seminars, sponsoring conferences and workshops, and engaging in major initiatives related to growing funded research at the Curry School. Each of these organizational units is overseen by a Director (member of the Curry faculty) and an advisory board who all report to the dean.  Although originating with seed funds from donors or internal resources, these centers are intended to develop into long-lasting entities whose continued operation will become wholly dependent on external funding.  These include the Center for Advanced Study of Teaching and Learning (CASTL), The Center for Education Policy and Workforce Competitiveness, Youth-NEX, and the Center for Effective Teaching in Higher Education.

Curry also houses several more targeted research centers, the operation of which is typically limited to the duration of an externally- sponsored center grant that funds the project, such as the National Research Center for Gifted & Talented and the National Center for Research on Early Childhood Education.

Our research labs range from a body of research being done by a single faculty member and groups of students, to a cluster of faculty bringing expertise from a variety of disciplines to examine a topic. Catherine BradshawStudent research is also a critical element to the Curry School experience.  Each spring, the student-led Curry Research Conference offers students--from undergraduates to doctoral candidates--an opportunity to present their current work.

Finally, we are please to host the Summer Undergraduate Research Program, an 8-week internship that will provide undergraduates from underrepresented groups with valuable research and professional development experience under the guidance of U.Va. faculty.

Curry School is a member of the Learning and Education Academic Research Network (LEARN), a coalition of the nation’s leading research colleges of education.

Catherine Bradshaw
Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Development.

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